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High Expectations For Final Star Wars Movie

Just over a week to go until Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith opens! Lots of pre-reviews are appearing around the net…

Blog Networks and Blog Ownership

I’ve been following on with interest and fascination at John Battelle’s emerging FMPublishing project. John is attempting to build a publishing company …

Yahoo Search And Creative Commons Announce Partnership

Yahoo Inc., a leading global Internet company, today announced the launch of Yahoo! Search for Creative Commons beta (), a service that provides Internet users with access to the largest collection of Creative Commons content on the Web.

Blogs’ Impact Still Unfolding

Several articles are showing us some of blogging’s deeper business implications: Pete Blackshaw looks at the impact of push-button publishing …

Creative Communication Not For Everyone

Producing interesting or compelling content is creative work. So who is able to do that …

The Inadequacies of Current Copyright Laws

So bloggers are firmly among the guilty in the area of ignoring copyright: ” Bloggers, in general, have little respect for copyright laws and tend to snatch and grab anything out there as “theirs”.

Skweezer and Copyright Infringement

A lively discussion is bubbling on Jason Calcanis’ blog on the issue of how others use content you have produced where copyright enters into the picture and, in essence, what’s right and what’s not.

Copyright Myths and Creative Common Sense

A handful of myths have spawned practices, particularly among bloggers and website owners, that turn copyright law on its head …

Creative Customer Service Strategies

Customers are kind of funny. They will rarely tell you how you messed up, they will simply leave. Poof…gone!

The Creative Science of Advertising

Create a powerful headline or subjectline that stimulates the targeted reader and 80% to 90% of the targeted readers will visit Your website and become potential sales, sign-ups or subscribers.

Forget the Traditions: Optimize Your Flash

The Optimizing Flash Content session at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose gathered a design-heavy crowd, but also included marketers, industry newcomers, and those interested in SEO. I figured the session would be a basic how-to for Flash designers interested in getting their sites ranked. It turned out to be much more.

MSN Awards $75,000 To Top Creative Agencies With Best Online Ads

The MSN network of Internet services today announced the winners of its second annual Emmessenny Awards, which showcase the best online advertising and reward the agencies that created them with cash prizes. Tuesday evening MSN hosted the Emmessenny Award gala at the Crobar in Manhattan to recognize the winners and their achievements.

Be Creative Before you Purchase or Create a Website.
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Before you jump into spending countless hours on designing and publishing your website, or spending hundreds on having it done by anyone else you should plan out your full design (or structure). This is very important so that when it comes time to do this long-lasting project you will be well prepared.

Creative, Inexpensive, and BIG Value Marketing Gift Ideas

“Tis the season to be jolly!” A great attitude is easy to have when you design your gifts with a lot of thought and don’t allow the experience take you to the cleaners.

How To Price Your Creative Work

How do you put a dollar value on your creative work? Are you charging too much? Too little? In your creative small business, pricing issues will come up again and again. I struggled with them for years, until I managed to get them straight in my own mind.

Your Creative Web Site

During 2003, a Web site stopped being an optional extra for all creatives, including writers. It’s now the expected thing. If I read a book by a writer I’ve never heard of, I’m not only disappointed if I find that she doesn’t have a Web site, I feel it also puts her credibility in question. Publishers are well aware of this expectation. Although publishing houses haven’t been on the cutting edge of technology, they now all provide Web space for their authors. They know that readers expect and want to get in touch.

Get Creative With Your Writing Career

How brave are you?

You need courage to submit your work to potential buyers, but you also need courage to get creative with your career. To get creative, you may need to break a few rules.

Working With A Creative Marketing Firm

With competitive shopping you simply request a few bids and go with the lowest price. Although the right person for the job might also happen to be the lowest bidder, it’s unwise to shop for price alone when your image is at stake. Consider the comparative shopping alternative: search for the firm that can best meet your needs within the limits of your budget. Choosing the right firm for the job is just as important as the decisions you’ll make during the course of developing your marketing materials. Take the time compare. Find your perfect match. You’ll be glad you did.

Removing the Creative Clutter From Your Head
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Have you ever felt that you could really get something wonderful and worthwhile done if you didn’t have so many things to do? Common thought.

Creative Commons Replacing Copyright?

Plagiarism is an issue that has always plagued writers online and those of us that offer our stuff for free are most at risk for this.

15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks!

1. Allow other e-zine publishers or web site owners to republish small nuggets or excerpts of information from your ebook with your byline or ad included.