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BBC Opens News Archive Online

For a brief time, the BBC will throw open the film vaults online and let UK-based users create mashups of the content.

Flickr Video: A Great Example of CGM

Jonathan Coultons a funny guy. Some time ago, Neville and I played his song “Skullcrusher Mountain,” a love song sung by a typical movie evil genius to the girl he’s kidnapped.

Creative Commons Facing IRS Threat

The non-profit Creative Commons licensing project needs to raise $225,000 by the end of 2005 to face down the IRS requirement of “public support.”

IBM, Oracle Standardizing Web Services

Sometimes a great joke never dies. Just substitute “Web” for “Unix” in the following canonical one-liner and you’ll see what I mean: “The nice thing about Unix standards is that there are so many to choose from.”

Google Vs. AAP, AG At NYPL SRO

When Google faces off against foes of its Print project at the New York Public Library tonight, it will be in front of an audience in a sold-out venue.

Google Personalization Patent Filed

Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results.

What If Marketers Published APIs?

In the technology and Internet industries, a lot of companies publish what’s called an application protocol interface, or an API for short.

A Creative ‘Death By Blog’

Neil French, a legend in the advertising industry, has resigned from WPP Group after suggesting women with families aren’t as equipped as men to succeed in advertising.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that allows artists, authors, publishers and musicians the option of creating and defining a flexible copyright for their creative works.

Citizen Journalists, Start Your Engines

Everybody’s a reporter these days and Creative Weblogging is making it easier by launching its Creative Reporter Network, a new citizen journalist system that pays (handsomely) for great news content, tips, podcasts, and video clips.

Creative Ships Virus with MP3 Players

Creative Technology has accidentally shipped about 3,700 Zen MP3 players with a windows virus on them, and has recalled them.

Zen Worms Bad Karma For Creative

A few thousand digital media players left a Creative Technology factory with an unwelcome pest buried in its file system.

Music Patent Saga Takes Creative Twist

Apple launched the iPod, but it may be Creative and not Microsoft that patented a music management interface first.

Watch Out Apple, Creative’s Got the Patent

Creative Technology was awarded a patent for inventing the user interface for portable media players. The patent has been named the “Zen Patent” by Creative.

Plagiarism of the Biggest Blogger in a Small Country

Coolhunter tells the story in Estonian how the biggest blogger in a small country, Kaur Kender, an accomplished writer, stopped blogging [via Mul on Savi].

Microsoft really embraces RSS

Lots of buzz in the blogosphere and in mainstream media about the news today that Microsoft will be building support for RSS into Longhorn, the next release of the Windows operating system due in late 2006, and not only in the next version of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Embraces RSS in Longhorn

Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitz right now is on stage at Gnomedex. He basically announced widespread support for RSS in Longhorn and Internet Explorer 7.0. T

Microsoft Extends Longhorn To Embrace RSS

Really Simple Syndication support shall be a feature in the long awaited Longhorn 64-bit operating system.

Google Begins Website Update Reporting Service

Google today unveiled Sitemaps, a program where you can notify Google of any updates to your website so that it crawls your site immediately. Essentially, its like RSS for entire websites, with webmasters creating an XML file that indicates recently changed or new pages that Google subscribes to.

Get the Most Leverage out of Your Articles

I’ve long been an advocate of a form of online marketing that I personally call “article marketing.” Yahoo! has recently added a layer to article marketing which is extremely exciting, and any one who uses the power of articles needs to take notice.

They’re Stealing My Posts — Yours Too?

Just found the site www.2yellows.org. It’s some kind of aggregator site where they re-publish posts from other blogs. That would be ok, for me at least, if they just said who originally produced them.