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Bill Nye Is Set To Debate Creation Museum Founder On Feb 4th

In what could create a great deal of controversy among both atheists and creationists, a debate has been set at the creationism museum in Kentucky. The debate will take place on Tuesday, February 4th, and will feature science expert Bill Nye, or “Bill Nye The Science Guy” and Ken Ham, who started the creationism museum, being a proponent of creationism …

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Bill Nye Will Visit Creation Museum, Set To Debate Founder

It is certainly no secret that Bill Nye is a proponent of science, and as a result, he has taken to insulting and disproving views of creationism. He has become a well-known scientist, and will challenge Ken Ham, the founder of the creationist museum, in a heated debate at his museum. The Creation Museum is located in Kentucky, and it …

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