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Ken Ham’s Ark Park Risks Losing State Tax Incentives Over Hiring

Ken Ham’s “ark park” might be in some serious trouble. The leader of the “Answers in Genesis” empire, which oversees the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, has had some trouble getting things off the ground with his new “Ark Encounter”. The Ark Encounter is intended to be a “life-size Noah’s ark project”. The website describes it as: “[A] one-of-a-kind historically …

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Bill Nye to Debate Creation Museum Founder

The AP is reporting that Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, is set to debate Bill Nye, of Science Guy fame. The Creation Museum promotes a creationist view of world history, including featuring exhibits that show humans and dinosaurs coexisting. Scientists like Nye insist that the fossil record proves that such coexistence never happened. Last year Bill …

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Creation Museum Employee Struck by Lightning

In what appears to be a hilariously ironic turn of events, someone who works at the Petersburg Creation Museum was struck by lightning while maintaining one of the zip line courses. The worker was not directly struck, but he was holding a zip line while standing on the ground at the time the lightning impacted. A Kentucky local news affiliate …

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