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Designing For The Human Experience

This year hasn’t been one of my favorites. It’s been “The Year of Pondering My Navel”. Or, perhaps, the “Year of Unraveling”. If you earn your living connected to the Internet, this year went by in 1.3 minutes flat.

Bad News Travels Faster with Social Media

Social media are the new vehicles on the Internet that allow humans to interact with each other. They’re proliferating at an incredible rate. It can be as simple as a commenting system on a blog or voting on videos on YouTube. Most humans are sociable creatures and enjoy such interactions. Not surprisingly social media are becoming more and more popular.

SMM and My Couch

Once a upon a time there were 6000 search engines that were free, you submitted pages to them, you could battle for rank by tweaking meta descriptions and title tags, hit refresh, toast your triumph and call it a day.

Nightmares in Usability

I’ve been having an entertaining and slightly heated conversation with someone who insists that forums, such as the one I founded, are hotbeds of bad information.