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Give Dell and one2one a Chance

So Dell’s getting a bit of a thrashing in the blogosphere following the launch last week of one2one, their first public blog.

Podcasting Push to Mobile Networks

UK podcasting pioneers Neil Dixon and Adrian Pegg have launched LinkMedia to “spur the growth of podcast listeners by opening up accessible channels for independent podcasters to reach a wider audience.”

Blogging Primer for Journalists

Here’s a good example of a mainstream medium that gets it’ concerning its journalists blogging.

Microsoft RSS Feeds Directory
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Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Feeds Directory, a central location where you can find and subscribe to every RSS feed offered by the company across its multiple websites and blogs.

The French Oxymoron Called Quaero

In January, I wrote about Quaero, a planned European multimedia search engine, the answer to Google and brainchild of the French government.

Travelblogging India Contest

If you live in India and you’re a blogger, there’s a contest running where you can win an opportunity to travel India and blog your experiences.

Cabinet Minister Blogger Promoted in Reshuffle

Local elections took place in the UK yesterday and the governing Labour Party hasn’t done well at all.

33 Wikis Resource

If you want to find out how organizations are using wikis, the 33 wikis project from eastwikkers is a terrific place to start.

Lots Fixed with Ecto 2 RC3

Writing this with ecto for Windows 2 beta RC3, just released. All the issues I’ve been commenting about in the beta forum here and here seem to be fixed.

The Blogosphere Continues to Grow

The latest stats on the English-language blogosphere from Technorati show continued growth, maintaining the doubling in size that has been consistent for the past few years:

Fighting the Copyright Thieves

If you want to learn what you can do to protect your rights to the original content you post on your blog…

The Real Value of Communication

Headline findings from the 2005/2006 Communication ROI Study from employee benefits and HR consulting firm WatsonWyatt:

IABC Launches Conference Podcast and Blog

For the IABC 2006 international conference in Vancouver, Canada, in June, Shel and I are co-hosting and producing ConferenceCast, the official podcasts of the conference, as we announced in February.

Now This is Transparency

Last week, I wrote about Plaxo. You know, the impersonal emails you get from people asking you to update your contact info.

Feed Demon 2 Released

The new version 2 of the FeedDemon RSS reader for Windows was released yesterday.

Naked PR

There’s a new PR blog in town – Strumpette, described as a naked journal of the PR business.

Feed Demon 2 close to final

Release candidate 2 (build of the forthcoming version 2 of the Feed Demon RSS reader for Windows was released yesterday.

You are What Youre Googled

We talk about transparency a great deal, especially in relation to blogging, as in being open about who you are and what you do.

Another Offline Editor: BlogDesk

Following my earlier post about RocketPost, I’ve just found out about another offline blog editor for Windows – BlogDesk:

WordPress Upgraded

I’ve just upgraded WordPress on this blog to version 2.0.2 which was released last week.

Microsofts Apple-style Word of Mouth

If you pay attention to what’s going on in the broad tech world (Tech Memeorandum is a great way to get the hum of some opinion), you can’t help but notice things like the growing buzz about Microsoft’s Origami during the past few days.