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Verizon Gives Up on Verizon Apps Store

Verizon has announced through its developer community website that as of January 2013, the Verizon Apps app store will be removed from all Android and BlackBerry devices. The company anticipates completing the removal process by March 27, 2013. The wireless carrier did emphasize, however that business applications submitted to the Private Application’s Store for Business will still be available for …

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Microsoft Will Remove Crapware – For The Same Price as Windows 7

Microsoft is now pushing PC’s that not only come with Windows 7, but come with a “cleaner” version of the operating system that is free of “crapware.” Software, such as DVD playback programs, customer help icons, and trial games, is often installed by computer retailers or manufacturers onto the computers they sell. This software is often referred to as “crapware.” …

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Microsoft Charges $99 To Remove Bloatware

For those of you who still buy PCs–the store-bought models that come with Windows already installed–what are your thoughts about all of that trial software that comes preinstalled on your not-inexpensive machine? If you’re like most conscientious computer users, you absolutely hate it. Not only for the inconvenience, but for the performance issues such software–bloatware or crapware–causes. The bulk of …

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