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MySpace’s Cranky Error Message
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MySpace might or might not be able to hold onto its lead in the social networking world.  But one thing’s for sure: it really needs to find someone other than Tom to write its error messages.

TechMeme Isn’t Quite Google News

TechMeme really wants to be Google News, it seems. I see less and less blogs on TechMeme lately and more and more “professional news.”

Eons Earns $22 Million In Funding

It’s not every day that a press release begins with the words “BOOM BOOM BOOM,” and yet that’s exactly how Eons, a media company that caters to the 50-plus crowd, chose to announce its receipt of a fresh $22 million in funding. It looks like there’s plenty o’ life in Eons yet (and hopefully in its users, as well).

Cranky Boomers Get A Search Engine

The arrival of Cranky.com comes with features its founder, Jeff Taylor of Monster.com fame, thinks will be well received by the 50 and over crowd.

Cranky Search Engine for Over-50s

Whenever I visit my in-laws I tend to notice a strange TV commercial for a company called Eons, with an overly-charming Jeff Taylor telling the over 50 crowd there is a social community just for them.