Craigslist Articles

Topix Debuts Classifieds Service

Within the local news search at Topix.net, visitors will see local classified ads on the right side of the page and an invitation to post a free ad themselves.

Buy Side Publishing

What are the alternatives to DRM with a viable business model for content producers in an increasingly decentralized market?

Google Base Storms Into Europe
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Google wants to drag the clock builders and chocolate makers out of their Old Europe brick-and-mortar mindset into the gleaming silicon-driven online marketplace, preferably with a Google Base account at the foundation of those efforts; we suggest a partnership that could help make this happen.

Craiglist’s New Clothes
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While Knight Ridder received a financial makeover with its acquisition by McClatchy, the site blamed frequently for the demise of classified ad revenue took on a new look at the SXSW conference.

Live Expo Nudges Craigslist, Papers

A public beta test of Microsoft’s social listing service, Expo Live, debuted online today to stake out the company’s claim on the classifieds market.

Craigslist To Charge Fees In Select Cities

Because of apartment broker and job-list spamming, Craigslist will begin imposing a nominal fee in the New York City website area and in other large cities.

Craigslist Stomps Out Spiders

A tweak to the craigslist.org robots.txt file now bans all spidering, including that done by Google or Yahoo, from taking place.

Craigslist Aims For Community Journalism

A new project from the founder of popular online classifieds site Craigslist will extend citizen journalism to fix trust issues Americans have with journalism.

Google Automat Says Sayonara To Craigslist

An analyst with Classified Intelligence has found a Google patent application for Automat, a system where users can develop and post classified ads.

Best Job Board: Craigslist
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Craigslist wants us to know that their traffic far outstrips the leading job boards, and guess what, they also come up on top in terms of job search effectiveness, according to a Forrester Research study.

Classified Fight: Craigslist Bans Oodle

Craigslist, in which eBay holds a 25% minority stake, has asked Oodle to stop scraping it for classified listings.

Yahoo! Hiring a Blogmaster in Southern California

I spotted this post on the Digital Squeeze today, which links to a job posting on Craigslist …

Selling Billboard Space… Thru Craigslist? On the Inefficiency of Media Buying

As we know, the paid search auction has been the great shining tangible example of how inefficient markets can be quickly rationalized through an online auction scenario.

Oodle Launches Classified Search Engine For College Students
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Attention college students: are you tired of the never-ending hunt for potential careers and other classified-related searches? Do you need a tool that can make these tasks easier to accomplish? If so, Oodle may just be the site you are looking for.

Lycos Launches Katrina Missing Persons Search

Since the affects of Hurricane Katrina crippled large portions of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans last week, the various search engines have been providing a great deal of support to the resulting humanitarian effort.

Google Wallet May Be Hiring

A job posting could be the beginning of the Google Wallet unveiling, or it could be a need for a pointy-haired boss type to handle ad billing issues.

Flickr Helps Identify Flasher

This story about how a woman used her camera phone to photograph a subway sex offender and post it on Yahoo!’s photoblogging service Flickr, which led police to identifying him is gross. We’ll let you make your own jokes as every sentence you come across is (accidentally) ripe with innuendo. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Craigslist Online Community Helping Katrina Community

The online community known as craigslist is a San Francisco based site built in local classifieds and community forms. They’ve put together a page to help Katrina survivors put things together.

Little Impact On WashingtonPost.com

In an interview with PaidContent.org, CEO/Publisher Caroline Little of WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive talked blogs, ads, and online viewership.

Ebay Battles CraigsList – Good Domains Hard to Find

BusinessWeek reports on eBays sneaky entry into the free classifieds and community market that CraigsList dominates.

Citizen Craig

Craig Newmark of Craig’s List fame is not waiting around to merge his company with eBay …