Craig Cobb Articles

Watch a White Supremacist Find Out He’s Part African [VIDEO]
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In news that sounds more like something you’d hear on April Fools’ Day, a white supremacist recently found out that he is part African. And guess what makes this story even better? The white supremacist in question is the guy …

White Supremacist Town: Residents Fighting Back
· 23

The small town of Leith, North Dakota, that is currently under seige by white supremacists, is fighting back, according to Fox News. The town has reportedly formed a legal defense fund to stop a longtime white supremacist, Craig Cobb, from …

White Supremacist Town Needing Support
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A small town in North Dakota, population 24, is fighting a battle against a man that moved into their tiny community and is wanting to take over and make it a white supremacist community. 61-year-old, Craig Cobb, purchased property in …