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KFC’s Free Chicken Deal Turns Sour


What Is Google Planning For Coupons?

The domain GoogleCoupons.com has been moved to a Google nameserver, which may indicate a new service launch could happen soon.Google Maps

AskCity Strikes Coupon Deal

Paris is called the city of light.  Los Angeles is, of course, the city of angels.  And thanks to a new arrangement with Entertainment Publications, AskCity may become known as the city of coupons.

Google Ready To Clip Coupons

Several domain names with the words ‘Google’ and ‘coupon’ have appeared on Google’s name servers, which could indicate a holiday marketing effort for its advertisers.

Jobs Gives In…A Little
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Even though Apple CEO originally told the iPhone faithful – the ones that stood in line even though they didn’t need to – tough titty about this week’s $200 price drop just two months after launch, it looks like he’s throwing them a bone, er, a coupon.

10% Google Checkout Coupon For Back To School

Google Checkout is offering 10% off at many merchants through the end of the month.

Google Maps Out A Coupon Path

There is no need to eagerly await the postman’s arrival with the familiar blue envelope of Valpak coupons, now that Google is enabling businesses to place coupons along with their listings on Google Maps.

China Relations: An Internet Company Perspective

Harry Tsao (co-founder of Mezi Media, which includes our clients Smarter.com and Coupon Mountain) has written an excellent insight on the U.S. government’s relations with China, for CNET.