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Marion Barry: Former D.C. Mayor Released From Hospital

Marion Barry, the former mayor of the District of Columbia and councilman since 2005, has been released from a physical rehabilitation facility where he spent 16 days regaining his mobility and receiving treatment for blood and urinary tract infections resulting from diabetes. The councilman has had two other hospitalizations this year; his most recent stay was in the Medstar National …

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Klingon Letter Of Resignation Submitted By Councilman

Indian Trail, N.C. councilman David Waddell surprised fellow council after handing in his resignation letter. The resignation was not the surprise. Mr. Waddell, a grown man and a real politician, penned his letter in Klingon. For those who may be unfamiliar, Klingon a fictional race/language that comes from the popular Star Trek TV series. This is how David Waddell chose …

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