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Monitoring The Blogosphere Costs Big $$$

Recently, a small company called Umbria Market Research got a profile in Forbes Small Business. Their service Buzz Reports was the focus. Buzz Reports is a blogosphere monitoring service costing upwards of $60,000 or more a year. And they maintain they’re the cheap ones.

Good Deals in Software Outsourcing

Specialist Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development firm Core Solutions is offering quite a deal for those looking to outsource projects.

Email Argument Costs Two Secretaries Their Jobs

Why is it that stories like this one always seem to originate in law offices? In today’s episode of Emails Gone Wild, we find Katrina Nugent in one corner and Melinda Bird in the other.

eBusiness Rumors

Is Skype up for sale? Is Google the likely buyer? Or Rupert Murdoch, who almost bought it last week for $3 billion?…

HP Cuts Costs And Restructures Itself, Cuts 14,500 Jobs

HP is implementing a program designed to cut costs and simplify its structure. Part of this plan is terminating the jobs of 10% of its regular full-time staff.

Google Increases Costs For Ads With Lesser Relevancy

In a move Google hopes will increase the quality of their ads, the search engine has announced they will be introducing a quality-based minimum bid standard.

Obesity Drives Up Health Care Costs Tenfold

As further proof that Americans’ ravenous appetite for unhealthy food is spinning wildly out of control, health care professionals report that the cost of caring for obese patients as shot up 1000% over a 15-year period.

Ten Effective Ways To Reduce Your Business Costs

Business cost can make or break a business when your just starting out. Here’s 10 simple yet powerful ideas to make sure the cost of doing business…does not put you out of business.

Relief May Be In Sight for Rising Fuel Costs

World leaders continue to harass OPEC to cuts costs and increase production on crude oil as the price of crude dropped to just above $50 a barrel.

The Hidden Costs of Long Tail Internet Businesses

Kevin Laws has a beautiful post about the costs involved with long tail business that applies particularly well to many types of website whether you sell products, services, information or community.

How to Hire a Web Analytics Firm That Delivers a Great ROI

Let’s say your company has suddenly begun to lose sales or your website is simply not performing up to expectations.

Consumer Prices Rise Only Slightly

Consumer prices rose slightly last month at 0.1% and energy prices went down for the second month in a row.

Molson Coors Begins Cutting Costs

Now that that Molson Coors merger is complete, they are on to cost cutting including the closing of a brewery in Memphis.

5 Steps to Continuous Process Improvement

Part One of Creating Well-Defined Processes Series

Storage Costs Continue to Drop

After reading the /. story about IBM trying to build a 100TB tape drive, I found myself over on Pricewatch.com …

Storage Costs Decrease

The ability to store data is one of the rudimentary functions of a computer. Numerous devices are used in order to keep copies of work and/or backups. When storage is mentioned, the standard internal hard drive is what usually comes to mind. As with most peripherals in the computer medium, storage costs are continuing to fall, making large amounts of storage space available at reasonable prices.

Consolidation Initiative Reached by Cutting Costs

Reducing hardware and maintenance costs while increasing system usage were the keys to Commonwealth Financial Network’s recent server consolidation initiative.

Ebay Marketing: Pros and Cons
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Some people who are eager to enter the online store industry have considered using an eBay store to hawk their wares. For a quick refresher, eBay stores allow sellers to feature their entire inventory, while giving members a limited opportunity to feature their store brand. Although, some have questioned if people have had “success marketing their goods or services through eBay?”

SEO Inc Pushes up SaveOnConferences.com’s Rankings While Reducing PPC Costs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Inc. announced today that its unique Web analytics approach to search engine optimization has helped its customer SaveOnConferences.com.

Research and Markets Offers “Software-On-Demand: Reducing the Costs of CRM”

Significant Saving Potentials as Well as Opportunities and Risks for the Deployment of Software-on-Demand for Three Software Categories – CRM Systems, Financial Accounting Software and Office Applications .

Advertising Costs Getting Too High?

Everyone knows that advertising is essential to growing a business. One problem that small business owners have always faced is the high cost of marketing. Most, however don’t realize that there is an effective way to reduce the cost of your advertising while – at the same time – increasing its reach.