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Son of Click Fraud: Cookie Stuffing
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A phrase like “cookie stuffing” sounds like it could have only pleasant connotations: Cookie Monster cookie-stuffing his face; ice cream with cookie stuffing; the cream between Oreos. Leave it to a lawyer to run that for everybody.

Could CPA Overtake CPC?

That is the question that Aaron Goldman discusses in his most recent post at Search Insider. Aaron provides some sound thinking as to why CPA could overtake CPC in the future as the preferred way in which to purchase paid search.

Ingenio Riding Cost Per Action Wave

The click to call model used by Ingenio to connect people to businesses represents the foaming surf on the onrushing wave of CPA models for advertising.

Google Extends Opt-Out Policy To CPA Testing

Google’s still testing the waters of its cost-per-action ad model, which charges advertisers only when a sale is made or a lead form is filled out. But as one publisher notes, the AdSense team is inserting CPA ads onto his blog, whether he wants them there or not.

Cost-Per-Action Done Right

To read most of the articles on Google’s expanded test of CPA-based content ads, you would think it was the greatest invention since the wheel.  It could be great for certain advertisers, but only if they do it right.  As it turns out, that’s not so easy.