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Sinkhole Corvettes: What’s Happening Next

Some the “Great 8” Corvettes, which fell into a sinkhole after the sinkhole opened up in the National Corvette Museum, may not be fixed, according to the latest CNN report. The damage, especially to the last three of four of the cars pulled out the sinkhole, has been that extensive. “The last three or four cars that came out of …

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Corvette Museum: Sinkhole Consumes Eight Cars

The Chevrolet Corvette has been an American icon since it was first unveiled in 1953 and has also become a very powerful status symbol among American drivers as well. With the popularity of the Corvette, a museum has been dedicated to the iconic muscle car in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you are a die-hard Chevrolet Corvette fan, I do apologize …

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