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GSK & JNJ Join the Corporate Blogosphere

Two of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies have launched public blogs that are intended to be channels to engage with US consumers on specific issues.

Corporate Social Media Management Strategies
Having helped Hitachi develop its social media plan, Jeremiah Owyang is now with PodTech and helping other corporations set up social media strategies.

Corporate Bloggers, Rise of the Accidental Spokesperson

In the world of public relations, a spokesperson can sometimes seem like the most important element of any campaign. 

Advanced PR Tech Chicago
After getting into the Chicago Hilton, a familar place from SES conferences, I walked the 3-4 blogs to the Columbia University campus where Bulldog Reporter was holding the Advanced PR Technology event. Greg Jarboe and I switched the time of our session with Katie Paine so she could make a plane to Dubai.

WebsitesForHeroes Adds Corporate Sponsorship

DigitalPost Interactive, a provider of web platforms for digital media sharing and social networking, announced today the launch of a corporate sponsorship program for WebsitesForHeroes, a national service that allows America’s overseas troops to stay in touch with their families by providing interactive family Web sites during overseas deployments.

Survey: Corporate Use of Social Media

Internal communication research and training firm Melcrum is conducting a survey on social media usage in large companies.

A note I received today from MD Robin Crumby said:

Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto

Rules to at least read and get to know better, blogging on any level means that you are claiming to be an expert in something, even if you are an expert in rambling about the iniquities of life.

People do read what you say, and they form an opinion of the company you work for, or even just you when they read your weblog/blog or other communications. If you are corporate blogging you are the window to the world, you are a direct representative of that company when you blog.

Google Selling PR7 Links For $10k!

While doing some research, an astute coworker of mine noticed that the Google Enterprise Solutions page has links to their partners’ websites who are part of their Enterprise program. What’s interesting about this is that the page has a Google PageRank of 7/10, and to get listed on that page you have to pay Google $10,000 per year to be part of their program.

Infosec and Corporate Blogging

Zeltzer and Villafranco have probably the most coherent list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to corporate blogging out there, its an absolute must read.

The Law.com has a great listing of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Corporate Blogging out there. Here are two don’ts that I have seen in a lot of corporate blogs that defy the imagination for being out there.

Corporate Email Wanders

Technewsworld is running a story on company personnel who forward company e-mail to their MSN, Google, Yahoo, or other hosted e-mail accounts.

Online Video In The Corporate World

Video online is nothing new. In 2006 it was used mainly for entertainment purposes. Now more businesses are realizing the value of video to educate and inform customers, critics and shareholders. It is becoming an essential tool for companies to communicate their message.

Corporate Attitude to Social Media

While most companies in the US and the UK regard blogging as an important new communication medium, most are not monitoring the online conversation and have not adapted their corporate communication strategy to include social media elements such as an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Branding: Words and Meanings

I’ve been thinking about brands that are making a difference in our lives and society, and I used the term “worthwhile brand” to define them.

Yahoo! Gets Tackled By Brady

New England Patriots Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady sues Yahoo! over the use of his image.

Yahoo! Shake Up – COO, CFO Out

Rumor has been circulating this afternoon regarding a major corporate announcement from Yahoo! Many speculated that CEO Terry Semel would resign, others thought Yahoo! might announce the long rumored acquisition of Facebook.

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication

PR left holding the baby when things go wrong.

Corporate Blog Of The Week

I should have a corporate blog of the week.

SaaS: the Death Knell for Corporate IT?

The Enterprise Irregulars clubhouse is all abuzz these days about SaaS (Software as a Service, aka on-demand, utility, cloud, utility/cloud computing in a multitenant environment, whatever) and whether it will put an end to enterprise computing as we know it.

Considering the Importance of Corporate Culture

When it comes to sizing up job candidates, cultural fit is just as important to consider as qualifications.

Are Company Blogs Dead?

It’s semi-official. Blogs have now joined hula hoops, Pro-Keds and lava lamps in the attic of abandoned obsessions.

Executive Interims in the Corporate Arena

How does the value of an ‘ Executive Interim Manager’ work in practice? Here are just a couple of examples of how ‘Interim Executives’ stepped in to help a sample of large International organisations.

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