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Adopting Social Media For Internal Use

Results from an interesting study with a different spin on social media were released by Nielsen Norman Group. These things often look at social media adoption by businesses, but this one looks specifically at social media adoption within enterprise intranets.

The study found that many of the most successful social media initiatives on company intranets began as underground, grassroots efforts by front-line employees. They were later adopted and sanctioned by higher-level executives.

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Bad News Blogging Can Be Good For Business

The truth is controlling everybody else’s message was never really an option, internally or externally. A company’s narrative always was and still is property of that company and can produce literature reinforcing that narrative; the whispers, the rumors, the melodrama belong to employees.

And now they have blogs, Twitter, you name it, and the narrative developing internally is very often at odds with the overarching corporate vision. In the Great Transparency Panic of this new decade, the disparity has been viewed as a bad thing.

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