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Google as an Example of How to Blog for Business
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Many business owners know they should be blogging. There are plenty of reasons to do so (particularly in a recession) as discussed by Jennifer Laycock here:

People Don’t Trust Your Blog

Forrester Research has released a report (you must fill out a form to get it) that details how much people trust different information sources. At the top of the list is email from people they know. At the bottom are company blogs. This is precisely why company blogs should be treated more like emails to friends.

Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger

You can’t help, from a reasonable Internet distance, but like her; she’s sexy, irreverent, and smart, everything you should like and fear in a gal. But she goofed, at least a little, and unfair or not, Nintendo is the latest corporate entity to can an employee for blogging.

Google Sorrier For Sicko Comments
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Google’s apparently very, very sorry about Google Health Advertising blogger Lauren Turner’s comments criticizing Michael Moore’s film Sicko – so sorry the company’s PR department put out a statement and resident star blogger Matt Cutts put out a guide to corporate blogging.

Corporate Bloggers, Rise of the Accidental Spokesperson

In the world of public relations, a spokesperson can sometimes seem like the most important element of any campaign. 

Infosec and Corporate Blogging

Zeltzer and Villafranco have probably the most coherent list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to corporate blogging out there, its an absolute must read.

The Law.com has a great listing of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Corporate Blogging out there. Here are two don’ts that I have seen in a lot of corporate blogs that defy the imagination for being out there.

SES 2006: It’s Hard Out Here For A Blogger

Mike McDonald found himself in a room with a larger A-list than a Nathaniel Hawthorne character sketch. San Jose (or thereabouts) is where the big search engines and their famed bloggers live. The only thing better than this, says Mike, would be Danny Sullivan in lederhosen.

Still Not Sure About Corporate Blogging?

39 percent – 57 million adults in the US – now read blogs.

Corporate Blogging To Catch Fire?

According to the findings of JupiterResearch, corporate blogging is about to become big – really big. It seems these expectations may be impossibly optimistic, as a matter of fact. But JupiterResearch believes that “nearly 70 percent of all site operators will have implemented corporate blogs by the end of 2006.”

Blogging From A Sinking Ship

PubSub CTO Bob Wyman was never one to pull punches. And though the blogosphere has been a store window for many companies, Wyman’s latest blog entry detailing not just that the company is days from bankruptcy, but chronicling the internal political struggles between himself and the CEO, has some wondering at what point transparency becomes the medium of aired dirty laundry.

The Perils Of Corporate Blogging

With any topic, there are believers and nonbelievers, and the rest float, agnostically bounced from pundit to protestor. The role of the blog in corporate communication channels is no exception. An open door is a chink in the armor; a human voice is a liability.