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Newstex Conducting Gawker, Corante On Demand

Content from the two well-known blog networks will be available as part of Newstex’s Blogs On Demand service.

Yahoo! and Digg – Sign of the Times or Big Rumor

As you can well see, I stay away from the rumor mill both here and at the Corante Web Hub. So when everyone got in on the Yahoo! buying Digg talk, I steered clear.

Anonymity, Identity, and the Internet

When it comes to the recent amendment, regarding a change to make anonymity and online annoyance a federal crime, I’m not sure why there is such a the big fuss.

Podcasting, Hot or Not

I’ve dabbled a bit with podcasting early on when it wasn’t so easy to do, then dabbled some more since it’s become easier thanks to tools like Skype and Hot Recorder. Yet, I’ve not jumped on the podcasting bandwagon wholeheartedly and asked myself why.

Social Software Makes It’s Way Towards Mass Culture

As someone who’s more into the ‘fusion cuisine’ side of new communication tools and channels rather than the theoretical/cerebral analysis side, I tend not to spend an extraordinary amount of time in digesting long essays and white papers about new media or social networks.

MSN Spaces/Volvo Deal Shows Big Blog Advertisers Crave Safety

Microsoft and Volvo today announced that the car company is now advertising on the MSN Spaces blogging platform. The new campaign includes a micro site that enables consumers to find interesting content within the MSN community.

The Value of Advertising On Blogs

Here is a very simple way to think about the value of advertising on blogs. About.com was

Weblogs Inc. Sends VW Ad Packing

Congrats to Jason Calacanis —- our winner of the week. One of his blogs, autoblog …

Gearing up for the New Communications Forum 2005

Planning proceeds apace for New Communications Forum 2005, the twin conferences taking place in the US and France, the first of which is scheduled for 26-27 January in Napa, California.