How To Create Good Copywriting For  Conversions: Creating the Copy

How To Create Good Copywriting For Conversions: Creating the Copy

By Matt Tuens March 19, 2009 | 3 Comments

In Part 1 of our series on Creating Good Copywriting For Conversions, we covered using stats and analytics to research and guide your efforts. In Part 2 we break down steps you can follow to help you develop a personal procedure to create effective copywriting.

The Importance of SEO Copy Writing to High Rankings
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In this MSNBC interview the Snr. V.P. of Network Solutions covers what any business needs for page one search rankings.


Product Details Encourage Site Visitors To Stay

The importance of authoritative content on websites becomes even more critical to site publishers during the holiday season.

SES: SEO Copywriting

In day-to-day life, a person needn’t be Shakespeare to get his (or her) point across in writing. 

As a matter of fact, it’s probably easier if a person isn’t Shakespeare.  But when writing for search engines, communication can be a little trickier, and so a session at SES San Jose highlighted some tips and strategies.

Consumers Taking 34 Hours to Convert

MarketingSherpa reports that on average consumers are taking 34 hours from click to conversion. That’s up from 19 hours—180% as long as their original study in 2005 indicated. The full report on time to conversion is expected tomorrow from ScanAlert.

As MarketingSherpa President Anne Holland noted, this finding indicates how important it is for marketers to mearsure longer conversion cycles than just click-buy.

Is Your Copy Award-winning?

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know that I care a lot about copywriting. Good copy is crucial for getting your site found and for getting customers to buy. But most of us, in private moments, might admit that we don’t spend as much time crafting our copy as we should. Are you ready to put yours to the test?

SEO 500: An Updated View On Copy

Traditionally, the magic word count for SEO has been around 300 words. As Google gets more particular about what it picks up due to higher concentrations of MFA (made-for-AdSense) pages, that new optimal count may be 500-600 words with a long tail.

Your Writing Blueprint

Rich guy T. Harv Eker recently wrote a book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. In it, he says each of us has a financial blueprint that was imprinted on us by our parents and grandparents in their spoken and unspoken messages about money. In other words, we tend to replicate the money habits we learned in our youth. So what does that have to do with copywriting?

Copywriting And Design Rules for Successful eCommerce

What are the secrets of converting visitors into customers? Most ecommerce sites that struggle to convert suffer from the same half dozen minor problems.

SEO versus Marketing: The Fine Art of Copywriting
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Forget everything you’ve ever read, heard or seen about web marketing. Forget the marketing gurus and poo-bahs who tout the need for SEO (search engine optimized) text. The information upon which you’ve based your on-line marketing strategy is outdated. It is soooo last millennium.

Copywriting Spam

Lee Gomes of the WSJ uncovers how some web site owners undertake the task of adding unique content to help with their search engine rankings.

Spotlight on Search Interview with Heather Lloyd-Martin of SuccessWorks

A lot of buzz in the SEO community lately has been focused on the value of creating compelling content as if it’s a new idea.

Just Say No To SEO Copywriting?
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While a handful of speakers at SES Chicago emphasized the importance of keyword placement in pages, a copywriter thinks it’s the wrong approach.

Please Search Engines With Quality Copywriting

Copywriting for search engine optimization can do more than enhance one’s placement; it can help reinforce a brand and overcome negative comments made online about a company.

Search Engine Copywriting At PubCon

Lots of great information floats around at conferences, particularly good ones like PubCon. Our editor, Mike McDonald, attended the seminar on writing copy for search engines and picked up some great tips to pass along in order to help get the most out of copy when building your Internet strategy.

3 Copywriting Tips – How To Edit For Mass Appeal!

Web copy that’s intended to sell or generate leads needs to quickly reach out and grab attention and build rapport with a target audience. You can connect with your audience more effectively if you understand something about how people process information, and how they think.

Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan

Search engine copywriting has become an extremely important part of the overall search engine optimization process. However, in addition, search engine copywriting has developed into a misunderstood craft.