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Lessig: IP Reform? Fuggedaboutit

Now that Democrats have won control of Congress, one might have expected intellectual property law reform to take place. Creative Commons backer and noted law professor Lawrence Lessig says it won’t happen.

EFF, Bloggers, Everyone, Take On Web Bully

In his misguided desire to become notorious, Michael Crook has become the preeminent villain of the blogosphere, the target of a lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a laughing stock, and a fascinating case study into blog-ethics, copyright law on the Internet, the tenets of Fair Use, the reach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and how its abuse can affect free speech.

Japan Bashing YouTube Over Copyright

Passively waiting for someone to point out that a hosted piece of content violates copyright is not the approach Japanese copyright holders want YouTube to take with uploaded videos.

DailyMotion Causing Copyright Commotion
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We have all heard about the YouTube and Google saga concerning copyrighted material. To their credit they seem to be doing what they can to prevent infringement. That does not seem to be the case with a Paris based video sharing site called DailyMotion.com.

MySpace Becomes Latest UMG Legal Target
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Universal Music Group has filed a copyright violation lawsuit against social networking juggernaut MySpace.com. The case, filed in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleges that MySpace allows its users post to copyrighted soundtracks and music videos on their websites.

Google Holds $200m For Copyright Claims

Just last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt denied there was any truth to the rumors that the company would set aside $500 million from the YouTube deal, to protect against any copyright infringement suits.

YouTube Is Being Hypocritical

If Michael Arrington hadn’t posted the actual cease and desist letter from YouTube’s attorney, I probably wouldn’t have believed the company had asked him to remove a tool that allows people to download and store YouTube videos.

Does RSS Imply Permission To Reuse Content?
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With the advent of the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, copyright law got a lot trickier. Labeled “really simple stealing” by AOL’s Jason Calacanis, there is still no clear-cut legal precedent about implied consent to repurpose syndicated content, but the legal system that protects search engines may also green-light spammy content aggregators.

Napster Hounded For Pounds In UK

One of the most recognizable names in online music sales has signed a “digital royalties deal.”

UK Gov’t Violates Own Copyright On YouTube

Because of a copyright violation, the UK Cabinet Office, Britain’s “head office,” was forced to yank a public service video from YouTube. But the complaint came from an unlikely place – from an agency within.

Preventing Web Theft and Copyright Violation

When you are serious about making your web marketing strategy work for you (I hope you are)! A great deal of your time, effort, and money is usually involved in its application.

SES: Schmidt on Privacy, Proprietary Algorithms

The sensitivity of search string data is suddenly on everyone’s mind due to news of the AOL data leak on a research site this week.

HP Cracks Down On Ink Refills

You might want to think twice before refilling an ink cartridge; according to Hewlett-Packard, that act may be a patent violation. The company is going after retailers Walgreens and Office Max for the “offense.” Epson and Lexmark have taken similar actions in the past.

Lawsuit Against Maine Blogger Dropped

Blogger Lance Dutson earned a victory against Warren Kremer Paino Advertising as the ad agency dropped its lawsuit against the web developer who criticized their business with the state of Maine.

Copyright Infringement & the Real Meaning of ‘Google’

Being the true search marketing professional that I am I have to admit that Google is my home page.

Fighting the Copyright Thieves

If you want to learn what you can do to protect your rights to the original content you post on your blog…

YouTube is a Friend, Not a Foe

YouTube is capping video lengths to reduce copyright infringement, according Ars.

Creative Commons Has Teeth
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Regular listeners to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast will be familiar with the lawsuit Curry filed against a Dutch tabloid concerning family photos Curry had posted to Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

Airline Subpoenas Google User Info

American Airlines (AA) has subpoenaed Google to turn over identifying information on a Google Video user who uploaded a copyrighted training video to the site, reports Mercury News. As it is a matter of copyright infringement, Google may not be able to be as defiant as it was with the US Justice Department (DOJ).

SES NY: Copyright In The Digital Age

The digital age brings with it a ton of legal questions, many of which have yet to be fully addressed by the courts. Much of this has to do with the lack of precedent and legislation, and sometimes judges’ reluctance to allow digital evidence. At SES NY, a team of legal experts was assembled to address all of these issues.

Video Copyright The Next Big Issue

As online video content becomes even more accessible from both the professional and the amateur ends of the spectrum, copyright issues will continue to plague video providers and creatives.