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Microsoft and Google – Different Approaches to Copyright

The Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild is none too happy with Google’s plan to indiscriminately scan, index, and allow the searching of millions of books from libraries the world over and Microsoft is capitalizing on this rare chink in Google’s armor.

Copyrighters are claiming infringement because Google is making advertising revenue from the results of book searches in the Google Book Search system. Here are all of Google’s arguments that I found:

A Podcaster Opportunity

Internet radio broadcasters face the alarming prospect of paying much higher royalties to song performers, says the Wall Street Journal, a burden that could silence some online stations.

Major Record Labels Go After Yahoo China

A consortium of record labels which include Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have filed suit against Alibaba, which is an operator affiliated with Yahoo China, alleging copyright infringement by the site. The announcement comes as record labels, along with the RIAA, are cracking down harder than ever on digital music piracy.

It’s been an up and down week for digital music aficionados, and it’s only Tuesday.

Microsoft: Google Can’t ‘Opt Out’ Of Copyright Law

You could say some of the sound bites from Microsoft’s latest rant over Google’s approach to copyright law bear a resemblance to a political campaign – not just because they carry the same tintinnabulation of highroad mantras, but have the same stabbing indignation of a call to war. Google’s doin’ wrong, says the Beast of Redmond, and we’ve got to do something about it.

MSN: Google Violates Copyright Systematically

Microsoft has attacked Google Inc.’s rival book scanning project. Microsoft said that Google “systematically violates copyright”. Thomas C. Rubin, an associate general counsel at Microsoft has written how Google is violating copyrights in a speech which he planned to give at the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers in NY.

Thomas writes, "Companies that create no content of their own, and make money solely on the backs of other people’s content, are raking in billions through advertising revenue."

RIAA Targets Internet Radio
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In a decision that could drive the nail in the coffin to Internet radio providers, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board has endorsed a proposal by SoundExchange to enact royalty rates for webcasts and streaming music sites that will stay in effect from 2006 until 2010.

RIAA: Fair Use Bill = Legalized Hacking

Earlier this week, U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher and John Doolittle introduced the Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act) for consideration in Congress. Mere days after its initial announcement, the bill is already being targeted for suppression by control-hungry content organizations.

Digital Watermark Is Copyright Dog Whistle

Granting of this patent couldn’t have come at a better time in the Internet Revolution for Digimarc Corp., the sales force of which is most likely irritatingly knocking on YouTube’s doors.

YouTube Takes Down Oscar Clips
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This year’s Academy Awards were particularly sweet for director Martin Scorsese, who received his first Oscar in five nominations for his behind the camera work in The Departed, which was also awarded the Oscar for Best Picture.

Unfortunately for Scorsese, he won’t be able to relive the moment on YouTube or any other video sharing site anytime soon.

Google To Outsource YouTube Filtering

Much has been made of YouTube’s inability to keep pirated content off of its servers, a sticking point that has made the popular video-sharing site a very large target for media companies, especially since its highly publicized acquisition by Google in October of last year.

RIAA Publishes Piracy

In its ongoing battle of futility against file sharing, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has published a list of the academic institutions that the organization has deemed as the top offenders when it comes to sharing music over a peer-to-peer connection.

In total, the RIAA sent out over 14,500 copyright infringement notices during the last academic year, with Ohio University topping the list at 1,287 letters – accounting for nearly ten percent of the alleged illegal music sharing.

YouTube to Offer Copyright Protection “Very Soon”

It appears Google’s finally starting to realize that if YouTube is to continue its success, they need to figure out how to protect copyright holders from video piracy.

Google To Improve YouTube Copyright Protection

When Google bought YouTube last year, most throughout the blogosphere saw the move as a natural fit for the search company and lauded the acquisition as an monumental success.

Nearly six months later, however, YouTube’s sparkle is beginning to fade amid the copyright complaints that are plaguing Google’s legal department.

Copyright Suit Costly for Google

A copyright lawsuit filed by Copiepresse last year over the publishing of articles, images, and links to Belgium newspaper websites will not only see the material removed, but will also cost Google in fines M&C reported Friday morning.

Along with the removal order, Google also has a hefty fine to pay of $32,390 per day for every day the copyright material was posted in Google. This retroactive total could be in excess of $4.7 million.

Walled Gardens and Newspapers

The Globe and Mail tells us that "Google loses copyright case in Belgium". Apparently a court has now ruled in favour of Belgian newspapers that sued Google Inc., claiming that the Web search Internet search leader infringed copyright laws and demanded it remove their stories. They want only subscribers to be able to see their articles within their walled gardens. Presumably they do not wish searchers to find their contents by using search engines.

EFF Goes YouTube Ambulance Chasing
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If a YouTube user feels one of their videos was an unfair casualty of Viacom’s recent war on copyright infringement, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to know about it. The nonprofit organization has posted its call to the user-generated disenfranchised on their home YouTube turf.

MySpace Beats YouTube To Copyright Protection

Compounding YouTube’s recent rows with copyright holders, YouTube’s biggest backdoor competitor, MySpace, announced a pilot program developed with Audible Magic to block copyrighted video from being posited in the community.

When Somebody Steals Your Copy or Design

If you read my earlier post on having my copy swiped by other companies I’m sure you feel my righteous indignation.

Japan Reconsiders Copyright Law For Search

The Japanese government plans to amend existing copyright laws to make allowances for search engine indexing, according to Japan Today.

Web Services, Contracts and Copyright

What’s the Deal With Contracts, Copyright and Web Related Services?

Contracts, Copyrights & Web-Related Services

What’s the deal with contracts, copyrights and Web-Related Services?

You’d think the answer to this question would be simple-always sign a contract, period- but it isn’t.

While this question applies over a broad spectrum of fields, it is especially ambiguous in the freelance world. This series of articles is geared towards individuals or companies looking to hire service providers like web designers, copywriters and internet marketers on a contract or freelance basis.