Copiepresse Articles

Copiepresse Vexing Google With $77M Demand

Storing news articles from properties managed by Belgium’s Copiepresse returned as an issue for Google, as the newspaper group wants damages for Google’s normal indexing of their content.

Copiepresse Sues EC Over Links

Google’s bete noire regarding linking to news stories is at it again, as Copiepresse filed a lawsuit in its backyard against the European Commission.

Google Fights Back With Copiepresse Appeal

Belgium becomes the focal point for a heated confrontation between Google, and the news management organization that beat it in court.

Google And Belgians Happy Together

Instead of the bitterness of Brussels sprouts-flavored litigation, Google and courtroom foe Copiepresse are sharing Belgian chocolates and working happily together on their linking/copyright issues.

Google To Appeal Copiepresse Decision

A Belgian court reaffirmed an earlier judgment against Google this week demanding Google remove Copiepress-represented news publication material from Google.be and Google News. Google issued a statement expressing "disappointment" and a plan to appeal the verdict.

Belgians Now Fighting With Yahoo

The Copiepresse agency that forced Google to post a court decision against the search advertising company on Google.be has initiated a legal battle with Yahoo over linking to articles.

Google Helps News Publishers With Sitemaps

An expressed desire for better indexing from Google News has prompted Google to release a Sitemaps product specifically for those news publishers.

Google, Microsoft Surrender To Belgians

Microsoft and Google have agreed to remove content managed by Copiepresse of Belgium from their indexes, with Google further being requested to pay nearly $43 million in fines.

Belgians Ban Google From Their News

The Chilling Effects website revealed a judgment rendered by the Court of First Instance against Google that would ban them from indexing Copiepresse’s French- and German-language news and photographs.