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Man Arrested For Giving Cop A Wet Willy

Are you familiar with a “wet Willy”? It’s a “prank” usually done by grade school kids where one sucks on the end of their finger and sticks it into another person’s ear. Oh the hilarity involved with someone feeling disgusted and uncomfortable now that they have spit transferred from one of the dirtiest parts of the body directly in their …

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Officer Fired For Shooting At Squirrel

A Tennesee police officer has been fired from his job for his encounter with a squirrel, which–for the squirrel– turned out to be deadly. The incident took place at a Dollar General store in Johnson County, Tennesee. Officer Jody Putnam, formerly of the Mountain City Police Force, was on duty when he found that at a Dollar General store, the …

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Kentucky: Threats Made After Cop’s Death

Back in May, a Bardstown, Kentucky police officer was gunned down on his way home from work. The officer, Jason Ellis, had stopped to move debris out of the road and was shot multiple times with a shotgun by someone who had apparently laid the debris as an ambush. Police in the 12,000-population Bardstown began investigating whether Ellis was the …

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