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JC Penney’s Drunk Super Bowl Tweets?

Since Sunday’s Super Bowl wasn’t the most exciting of games, many of us took to social media to have a little fun. It seems though that clothing chain store, JC Penney’s, had a little too much fun. The hilarious tweets …

Coors Light Iced T: Tap The Teabags?
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I’m really not sure what to say about this, but here it is. The company responsible for Coors and Coors Light is attempting to branch out into the summer alcoholic beverage industry with an iced tea/beer mashup that sounds, well, …

Beer Train Crosses the Web
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Trains are cool. Beer is cool. And Coors thinks beer trains are cool enough to send one across your computer screen at 4:53 PM every workday to remind you about happy hour.

The Flash-based interactive Silver Bullet train is scheduled for its first departure in mid-April, and is gaining attention in the online advertising world because it is geo-targeted and time zone sensitive.