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Veveo Opens vTap, Prepares For Flood Of Users
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Well, that was fast.  Just two weeks after raising $14 million in a round of financing, Veveo has released vTap, its mobile video search service.  The phrase “hotly anticipated” isn’t quite right, but people were indeed looking forward to the launch.

Free Broadband Isn’t Really Free
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The US broadband situation is so dire that you may not even be able to give away access. Worse, there might be good reason for that. You may not have heard of M2Z Networks, Inc., but 50,000 others have and are pressuring the FCC to approve the company’s offer of free nationwide broadband access.

Fast Times At Google Search Results
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Depending on which index you’re trying to hit, your content could show up in Google’s search results in under two minutes. That appears to be limited to blogs, but the big one’s logging times faster than Domino’s Pizza.

British Teen Goofs: Tells Cops About eBay Money
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Okay first, let’s establish two things as public service announcements: Don’t pay $200 for a PlayStation 2; if you stumble over almost 100 grand, don’t tell anybody about it, especially not the government.

Google Finance Wants Your Opinion
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The Google Finance group plans to take an active role in answering questions on its blog, but only for a couple of days.

Blogger Adds Search Box Widget
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Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, just added a new widget bloggers can install that lets them search within their blogs.

The Internet is Cool?

That’s right everybody, the word is just in: the Internet is cool! Aren’t you excited?

Edison Media Research finally revisited a 2002 study that left the Internet as the “least essential” medium after newspapers, television and radio, and the second coolest after television. In the “Internet and Multimedia 2007” study, the Internet gets a definite boost.

FTC Cool To Net Neutrality
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The Federal Trade Commission issued its ‘Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy’ report and suggested caution on enacting net neutrality regulations.

Microsoft, Google Chart New Map Views
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Google Maps and Microsoft Live Search Maps released new ways of looking at the world through their products at the Where 2.0 conference.

All Your Conlin are Belong to YDN

One of the things that’s helpful about having been at Yahoo more than a few years and having multiple roles during that time is that it provides lots of opportunity to meet lots of people and figure out what they’re good at.

As a by-product, I’ve managed to build up a list of people who constitute my "dream team." These are the people that I wish I could take with me when I move into a new group and/or role. It’s rare that you can get ‘em to move since these are also the people who are often quite happy in their roles, but it never stops me from trying.

Microsoft Stops Filling Search Boxes

MSN UK was running an experiment where they pre-filled the search box with “of the day” popular terms, such as “Apprentice BBC” or “Cricket World Cup”, hoping it would prompt users to take advantage of the search box a little more. Well, after a few days, the experiment has been retired and dubbed a bad idea.

SkypePal Finally Makes its Appearance

At the mesh meetup we had at the Charlotte Room tonight, I ran into Jim Courtney of Skype Journal and he said he had just finished posting something interesting about the new Skype beta — and he was right.

Mobile Networks Should Embrace Social Networks

Day one of reading the many feeds submitted by our readers, and I’m already sharing a lot of cool stuff over at my link blog.

Worthy of further consideration is Andrew Girdwood’s suggestion that mobile phone networks should look to embrace social networks as a way to grow their user-base. One of his ideas…

Smart Phones for Smart Bloggers

I have noted a couple of times before that Nokia sent out phones and internet tablets in the past to some bloggers.

Review: Wicked Cool Perl Scripts

Order (or just read more about) Wicked Cool Perl Scripts from Amazon.com

Microsoft’s Cool With Third Place

The good news for Microsoft is that the company pulled in something like $12.5 billion last quarter. The bad news is most of that didn’t come from search, and the company expects less of its revenue to come from search in the near future.

Windows XP “Virtually” Free

Microsoft has done a really cool thing, and made a legal, activated copy of a Windows XP SP2 Virtual PC image available as a free download.

Google Releases New Book Search Features

Google has released a major update to its Book Search in an effort to provide a more organic reading experience to the user as well as scholarly resources for readers wishing to delve deeper into the academic community’s take on a particular book.

PubCon Coverage

Search Engine Roundtable is doing a great job recapping sessions from PubCon, including the panel I did with some of the best search bloggers in the industry.

Cool WordPress.com Feature

I just learned about this recently. Did you know you can go to:

Yahoo, Linksys Put Out “Cool” New Phone

Linksys and Yahoo have partnered to create a new must-have for fans of Yahoo Messenger. The Linksys Dual-Mode Cordless Phone for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (CIT310), which could really use a shorter name, is now available. Initial reviews are fairly positive.