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Epic Photo Thread From Quora Is, Well, Epic Epic Photo Thread From Quora Is, Well, Epic

There’s a thread on Quora right now that asks “What’s the most epic photo ever taken,” and some of the submissions are truly mind-blowing. Of course, in the many years of photography, people have captured an innumerable amount of iconic …

This Camera Tracks Photons At A Trillion Frames Per Second This Camera Tracks Photons At A Trillion Frames Per Second
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Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed an “imaging solution” that let’s you “visualize propagation of light at an effective rate of one trillion frames per second.” In other words, MIT researchers have developed a camera that captures at …

Cursing Elevates Your Pain Tolerance (But Only When Used Sparingly) Cursing Elevates Your Pain Tolerance (But Only When Used Sparingly)

Another study has confirmed what many of us already know: A few strategically placed “f*cks” can really help alleviate the pain of that toe you just stubbed. This study comes courtesy of Richard Stevens of Keele’s School of Psychology, and …

This Water-Powered Jetpack Looks Like So Much Fun I’m About To Faint This Water-Powered Jetpack Looks Like So Much Fun I’m About To Faint
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Jetpacks. Need I say more? I want one. I want one. I want one. I want one. The only problem is that my “path to ownership” includes a couple of lottery wins or some sort of felony. This water-powered jetpack …

An Asteroid Almost Ended Your Life Yesterday An Asteroid Almost Ended Your Life Yesterday
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While you were going about your daily business, maybe sitting in traffic or making dinner, a giant asteroid whizzed by your head, and you narrowly escaped the cold bite of death. Ok, when I say “whizzed by your head” I …

Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats
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Folks, I gotta tell you – I’m feeling a bit emotionally perplexed. On one hand this extremely human-like robot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is jaw-dropping in its technological achievement. On the other hand it’s utterly frightening, as it’s the closest …

Cardboard Flash Drives? Cardboard Flash Drives?
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Why yes, those are cardboard flash drives. Not only that, but they are functional cardboard flash drives. Does this mean plastic is no longer the material of choice mobile device cases? Not exactly, but the concept, courtesy of the Art …

Cool Little Google Reader Feature

This is a cool “little” feature in the latest version of Google Reader. if you subscribe to multiple people’s Shared Items’ blogs (I call that a link blog) it won’t send you duplicate items anymore, but will show you how many people actually linked to it. That’s a KILLER feature. But, what’s next?

Google Code Opens Cool Chart API

Generating a chart for a web page is as simple as passing some variables to Google in an HTTP request.

Experimental Google Search Options

Google is experimenting with some very cool options for searching. First off, they have show new view: keywords that display additional ways to view / filter search results:

Zude Is Cool, Dude

In a time where having a website seems to mean running a blog, Zude offers a sophisticated, straight ahead way to build a site through the easiest drag and drop process imaginable.

Vonage, Sprint Cool With Patent Settlement

Vonage’s infringement on six Sprint patents has yielded a lucrative payday for Sprint.

Searching Facebook Apps with Clever Hippo

Clever Hippo is a search engine for Facebook Apps. Their mission is to make it easier for Facebook users to find cool applications.

Cool New Little Facebook Feature

So, four people unfriended me from Facebook today. Given that I have 4,995 friends that’s probably to be expected. But I have 150 waiting to get onto my friends list. But that brings me to the new feature that just appeared.

Facebook now shows me how many friends we have in common BEFORE I add you as a friend.

Veveo Opens vTap, Prepares For Flood Of Users
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Well, that was fast.  Just two weeks after raising $14 million in a round of financing, Veveo has released vTap, its mobile video search service.  The phrase “hotly anticipated” isn’t quite right, but people were indeed looking forward to the launch.

Free Broadband Isn’t Really Free
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The US broadband situation is so dire that you may not even be able to give away access. Worse, there might be good reason for that. You may not have heard of M2Z Networks, Inc., but 50,000 others have and are pressuring the FCC to approve the company’s offer of free nationwide broadband access.

Fast Times At Google Search Results
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Depending on which index you’re trying to hit, your content could show up in Google’s search results in under two minutes. That appears to be limited to blogs, but the big one’s logging times faster than Domino’s Pizza.

British Teen Goofs: Tells Cops About eBay Money
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Okay first, let’s establish two things as public service announcements: Don’t pay $200 for a PlayStation 2; if you stumble over almost 100 grand, don’t tell anybody about it, especially not the government.

Google Finance Wants Your Opinion
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The Google Finance group plans to take an active role in answering questions on its blog, but only for a couple of days.

Blogger Adds Search Box Widget
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Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, just added a new widget bloggers can install that lets them search within their blogs.

The Internet is Cool?

That’s right everybody, the word is just in: the Internet is cool! Aren’t you excited?

Edison Media Research finally revisited a 2002 study that left the Internet as the “least essential” medium after newspapers, television and radio, and the second coolest after television. In the “Internet and Multimedia 2007” study, the Internet gets a definite boost.