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Good Nighttime Media and Other Fun Discoveries

Indie music by the Los Shoegazers (that’s Valerie Landau’s son Camilio – I know Valerie through NextNow, a group of intellectuals who hang out with Douglas Englebart, among other smart people).

Friendster When Friendster Wasn’t Cool
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The most painful part of waking up old is that you don’t understand “cool” anymore. No, they don’t say “cool,” they say another kind of “krunked up” nonsense that will collapse society. Plucking a rudely monochromatic follicle from your scalp, the twang of its exodus isn’t quite loud enough to drown out the latest buzzword: myYearbook.com.

LL Cool J and NBCU Loves the Ladies

Yes, the ladies love cool Jeremy – and, now, there’s proof that NBC Universal loves the cool ladies as well as it bought iVillage for $600M.

SES NY: Ask Party Invokes Star Wars

Last night Ask.com hosted an afterparty at club LQ here in New York. Being the intrepid and dedicated souls we are, Jason Miller and I took one for the team and braved the hazards and horrors of open bars and loud music… and cool fighting robots and video games and well, you get the idea.

Barry Schwartz Blogs for Search Engine Watch

This is some cool news I missed yesterday.

Firefox Goodies

There’s no better way to cure writer’s block then to blog about some cool Firefox goodies.

Court Is Cool With Google Cache

A lawsuit against Google’s practice of caching web pages in its index was rejected by a Nevada district court in a decision that could impact Google’s claims of “fair use” in its Book Search project.

Facebook Adds New Timeline Feature

Facebook and Myspace don’t get talked about much on the blogs I follow, which is interesting since these two services are VERY popular (MySpace is something like the fourth most visited Web site and Facebook is used by a large percentage of college students).

Keep Cool With egoSurf

Via Steve Rubel, news of egoSurf, a tool that searches Google and other engines against your name and blog or website, and calculates your ego ranking.

The Cool New Thing From Steve Jobs? Um, No

Is this a preview of what’s coming later today from Steve Jobs? 😉 It’s ArtRage 2.

Cool Virtual Earth mashup

Chris Pendleton pointed this one out to me.

Cool Cell Phone Apps Coming Soon

I’m sitting with Chris Dury, VP of marketing of ScanR. Really cool cell phone service.

Cool New Search Engine

Wow, check out this search engine: Exalead. Gary Price sent that one over to me. It’s not perfect, but the UI shows that a lot more can be done than the big three have done with search.

Flock Web Browser: Could it Supplant Firefox as Browser of Choice for Cool Kids?

Believe it or not, Firefox 1.0 has been around for less than a year. In that short time, it has gained at least 10% of the browser marketshare and spurred Microsoft to finally bring back Internet Explorer from its innovation stasis.

MSN Updates Virtual Earth Licensing

Commercial developers will be able to take advantage of a new license and build Virtual Earth maps into their applications.

Qualcomm Picks Up Elata For A Cool $57 Million

Wireless wonder Qualcomm threw out $57 million for British software company Elata to expand its European market.

Findory Mentioned On Slashdot

I just thought it was cool that Findory, still the only news site I find worth visiting, got a cool mention on Slashdot.

Big Airplanes Are Cool: The Paris Air Show

Airbus’s massive behemoth, the A380 jumbo jet, made an appearance at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday. Onlookers, including executives from U.S. rival Boeing were enamored.

BitTorrent Search: A Bit Dodgy, a Bit Cool

Bram Cohen, the beekeeper of Internet swarms, directs his attention to widening the avenue of BitTorrent, his own revolutionary P2P protocol into an expressway of mass-transited file sharing. Within the next two weeks, Cohen plans to release a BitTorrent based search engine, cavorting with former Yahoo! strategist Ashwin Navin.

Ballmer Tries To Cool The RSS Hype

Amit Malhotra ran into Steve Ballmer at a tech conference and asked him a couple of questions about RSS and blogging.

TiVo + Flickr = Cool

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have sold my TiVo last year. If nothing else , this …