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Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

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Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

Cookies: How To Learn From Your Visitors and Improve Your Website

Time for a quick question and answer session. Question: How can you improve your visitors’ experiences of your website, AND at the same time learn how to improve your website (or learn how to increase sales)?

Answer: Use cookies

What’s All the Fuss About Internet Cookies?

As if keeping your computer operating properly wasn’t enough, advertisers on the Internet like to utilize it to do their bidding, too. They love it when your computer is fast, powerful, and responsive! They’ll use as much of your computer and your Internet connection, which you unknowingly allow, hawking their wares and even attempting to scare you into purchasing their products.

How to Use Cookies, Part III

This article shows you how to implement cookies to pre-fill in form fields for your visitor.

How to Use Cookies, Part I

This article describes how cookies work and ways cookies can be used for your benefit, as a webmaster, without compromising your visitor’s privacy.

How to Use Cookies, Part II

Here you will find how to implement JavaScript cookie code on your site. The code will determine you how many times the visitor has loaded the page at your site.

Cookies, P3P, and IE6
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Since the majority of web users now use IE6, you need to understand how Internet Explorer deals with cookies.

Get Your Hands In The Cookie Jar

This article provides specific instructions on using cookies in ASP.NET applications and discusses a few issues we should be thinking about when using them.

Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies

I regularly hear from Web site developers who have added a new cookie-enabled feature to their site only to discover that visitors using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Web browser are unable to use it. After a little investigation, they discover the problem has something to do with cookies and a new W3C Recommendation called P3P. “What is P3P?” they ask. “What does it have to do with my cookies? And how can I stop IE6 from blocking them?” The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in my new book, Web Privacy with P3P. In this article, I will give you a quick introduction to P3P and an overview of what you need to do to prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies.

Cookies Anyone?

There is one particular issue that relates specifically to the web and your surfing, buying and e-mailing habits. You should know by now that every site you visit can place a “cookie” on your hardrive which will record a few crumbs of information about you.

Cookies: How to Improve Your Website and Learn From Your Visitors

Question: How can you improve your visitor’s experience of your website AND at the same time learn how to improve your website (or learn how to increase sales)?