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Using Google’s Conversion Optimizer
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Google announced that Conversion Optimizer is now available for more campaigns. Now any campaign with at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days will be able to use it. Conversions can be tracked through AdWords Conversion Tracking or as linked Google Analytics Goals.

Google Aims to Help Advertisers Improve Conversions
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There have been a couple of videos recently highlighted on Google company blogs that AdWords advertisers should pay attention to if their conversions are not where they want them to be. These videos deal with landing pages and ad copy.

AdWords Getting New Conversion Tracking Metrics
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Google announced today that in the coming months, they will be updating the AdWords conversion tracking metrics in the new AdWords interface, and other account management platforms like AdWords Editor and the AdWords API.

Writing For Conversions – Testing New Content
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Our exploration of utilizing content to increase conversion rates began with analyzing statistics to uncover opportunities for improvement, followed by how to create and implement good content to compel visitors to take action. The natural next step is testing.

How To Create Good Copywriting For Conversions: Creating the Copy
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In Part 1 of our series on Creating Good Copywriting For Conversions, we covered using stats and analytics to research and guide your efforts. In Part 2 we break down steps you can follow to help you develop a personal procedure to create effective copywriting.

Google Tips for More Conversions
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You can use every marketing strategy under the sun, but if they don’t translate into conversions, it’s all for nothing. Some methods take longer than others to lead to conversions, and there are hundreds of variables that come into play for the success of any campaign.

Conversions end with your site.
That’s why you need to concentrate on what is and what isn’t working. There are plenty of web analytics tools that can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from, where you are losing your visitors, etc.

New Ways To Track Microsoft adCenter Conversions

Different people have different ways of counting conversions, and options with which to do so can prove helpful for catering to the advertiser’s personal preferences. Microsoft has released a new package of conversion counting controls for adCenter.

How To Create Good Copywriting For Conversions
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In the next three articles in our series on Using Copywriting for Better SEO and Marketing we will look at how content increases conversions. Each article will focus on a different aspect of improving conversion: stats, content creation, and testing new content. This first article covers the basics of stats and analytics.

How Multiple Online Marketing Efforts Can Succeed
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If business owners want to gain a competitive edge online in 2009, a comprehensive strategy is the way to go.

Businesses of any size will succeed with online marketing – and blow past the competition – by focusing on multiple fronts at one time to deliver the most favorable ROI.

The Internet offers a dizzyingly array of services, everything from search engine optimization and link building to paid search, banner advertising and video marketing. Each has merit and can improve profits.

How could it make any sense to let them operate as silos?

Using the Data that Site Search Uncovers
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I recently posted about ways to get more conversions out of Google Site Search. This was based on tips that Google itself offered for capitalizing on its potential. These tips were:

1. Make your search box easy to find
2. Make sure search is always available
3. Customize the appearance of search to fit your site
4. Experiment
5. Be open to feedback
6. Learn what users are looking for

Tips for Using Google to Get Holiday Clicks & Conversions
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We’re quickly approaching the end of October. For businesses, that can only mean one thing. The holiday season is nigh! For online businesses, this means that it’s time to kick-start the tactics you should have been using all year. The clock has already begun to tick for getting people to your site and for you to cash in on online shopping for the holidays.

SMX: Amazin’ Conversion Optimization
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Business owners know the importance of converting visitors to buyers. However, buyers aren’t in a hurry to convert; when they do, it usually means gaining a loyal customer.

SES New York: Convincing Visitors To Buy

Suppose you’ve achieved undeniable search engine success – Google’s throwing as much traffic your way as the servers can handle.  A normal business still requires more than sightseers, and a session at SES New York concentrated on converting visitors into buyers.

Raising Conversions By 55% Or More

Raise conversions by 55% you say? That’s what Marketing Sherpa says in the promo copy for their new Landing Page Handbook.

SES: The Almighty Conversion
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If you run an e-commerce site, you want visitors to become buyers. Panelists at SES San Jose suggested making those visitors feel secure while you make your call to action.

Strong Branding Drives Search And Conversions

"Branding" has become a bit of a buzzword in online marketing, though there are still detractors out there decrying the lack of ROI, or at least the inability to measure it. Advocates have been quick to note that branding matters, it matters a lot, and now there are some numbers to back that up.

Study: Live Chat Ups Conversions Tenfold
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Sales, online and off, are closed when the customer trusts the seller. To that end, how far does including live chat in the online sales and checkout process go toward sealing the deal? Numbers are coming in, and they’re looking good.

Seven Good PPC Habits Has One Surprise
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John Ellis’ list of the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertisers includes one that runs counter to the promises made by many SEMs.

Cabela’s Learns Valuable SEO Lesson
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Fewer clicks led to more conversions when outdoor outfitter Cabela’s made a change that SEO pros should recognize, and businesses should employ.

SES: The Ad Conversion Zone

Picture a technology beyond sight and sound. Your ad has been submitted to a black box of unspeakable power. It’s left Creative…and entered…The Conversion Zone. But did it spend some time becoming a compelling ad first?

Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
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The Website Optimizer tool received a formal launch for Google’s AdWords clients today. Marketers using it should see conversion rates improve for their sites.