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Google: Conversion Rates Hardly Vary by Ad Position

Ever wondered if your AdWords conversion rates would be better if your ads were just positioned differently? According to Google, it doesn’t matter a whole lot where they are positioned.

Google Chief Economist Hal Varian and his team claim to have done some research into the subject and has concluded that conversion rates just don’t vary much by position.

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January’s Top Ten Online Retailers Identified

Following the holiday bonanza, January can be a dead month for many retailers.  Recent numbers from Nielsen revealed the ten companies that best survived (in terms of online conversion rates) the quiet time.

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Advertising Must Create Value

Scott Karp kicked off the new year with a good post called Five Guiding Principles For The Transformation Of Media Companies.

It’s a good post that needs to be read by every executive at major media companies today, and in many ways a lot of it seems like common sense to those who have been watching the transformation occur and understand what’s going on.

Specifically though I wanted to address Scott’s final principle:

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Raising Conversions By 55% Or More

Raise conversions by 55% you say? That’s what Marketing Sherpa says in the promo copy for their new Landing Page Handbook.

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Study: Live Chat Ups Conversions Tenfold

Sales, online and off, are closed when the customer trusts the seller. To that end, how far does including live chat in the online sales and checkout process go toward sealing the deal? Numbers are coming in, and they’re looking good.

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Smaller Barriers to Increase Conversion Rates

Every online business is focused on their sales conversion, or so I hope. Unfortunately the average online conversion rate is around 3-4%.

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