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Marketing and Conversation

I’ve spoken before about how the Internet turns marketing into a conversation. Lots of people have. But it’s not a new idea. In fact, I was lucky enough to work with one of the people that figured it out first, although I frankly didn’t grasp the significance of what he was saying at the time.

Product (RED): Smart Social Marketing?

In a great post over at PSFK – Piers publishes the content of a conversation he had with Julie Cordua, the VP of Marketing for the often talked about Product (RED) social marketing campaign.  

The Con in Conversation

The con in conversation is that it often means conversion, at least when marketers say it.

Conversion of opinion and perception, conversion of loyalty and trust and in many cases, hopefully, conversion of dollars and cents.

There’s nothing new here really, conversion through conversation has been around for, well, centuries. It’s the stuff of philosophy, religion, politics, education, and yes, business too.

Telstra Teaches Australia How to Join the Conversation

I conducted a teleseminar on business blogging for the Public Relations Institute of Australia a few days ago.

Causing a Stir with Google Click Fraud Report

It seems like the conversation I started about Google’s click fraud rate, has rolled down the hill and picked up some momentum.

Just How Heated is Click Fraud?

It’s amazing just how heated of a subject “click fraud” is. When I published details of my conversation with Google, I made no attempt to cover both sides of the story.

Back From The Firefox Party…

Whew, what a day. I spent the whole day with Sam Sethi, who heads up TechCrunch UK. He showed me around the London software industry today and there’s a lot happening here.

SES Chicago: Conversation Creators

1. How’s the show goin’ for ya?

SEO Conference Tips and Tricks
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Since I’m shortly getting ready to head off to pubcon – I thought I’d put together a quick resource on tips and tricks for those newer to the show.

HDTV With Mark Cuban

Micro Persuasion: A Conversation with Mark Cuban:

Conversation With Google CEO Eric Schmidt

4:20: The grand ballroom for the welcome message and a talk by Google CEO Eric Schmidt was packed; I skipped upstairs to a swank overflow room catered by Google. Remember those Google snack rooms? They turned this room into one of them.

Mayfield Chats with Ramji on Port 25

When we launched SocialPoint on Monday, I had a chance to sit down with Sam Ramji of Microsoft.

Blogging Matters To Marketers

Six senior US marketers have posted their thoughts and opinions on why they believe blogging matters to marketers:

Danny Sullivan Staying With SES Through ’07

The Search Engine Strategies shows will continue to enjoy Danny Sullivan’s participation through 2007.

A conversation with SAPs Shai Agassi

The audio from my interview Monday with Shai Agassi, one of seven people on SAP’s executive board, is now up on Podtech.

Rich Conversation May Be Poor Choice

The encouragement to engage visitors in conversations with one’s blog or website could deliver an embarrassment of riches to the publisher – or a rich embarrassment. Few publishers will shun feedback from their site visitors.

Conversation Search The Next Generation
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Forget about the page procuring prowess of Google or Technorati’s blog search boom, what the Internet needs most is a way to discover, index, and deliver relevant human conversations to searchers.

Conversation w/ Eric Mattson At MarketingMonger

Eric Mattson of MarketingMonger is on a mission to have 1,000 conversations with marketers, and to present them all as podcasts.

Accelerating the Conversation

When I joined Edelman earlier this year, Richard Edelman made it clear on his blog that digital is the future of the agency.

TV Execs: Online Vid Numbers Insignificant

This morning I attended a panel hosted by AdAge called The Upfront Conversation.

Good Nighttime Media and Other Fun Discoveries

Indie music by the Los Shoegazers (that’s Valerie Landau’s son Camilio – I know Valerie through NextNow, a group of intellectuals who hang out with Douglas Englebart, among other smart people).