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Katy Perry Convent Fight Over Money, Not Morals, Music, John Mayer or Russell Brand

Katy Perry is running into a few problems with her proposed purchase of a convent in California. When the songstress offered to buy the former nunnery, at least a few of the former occupants of the property were on board with the idea. After all the deal was better in some ways for them than the previous offer they had. …

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Katy Perry, A Convent, Charles Manson: What Do They Have in Common?

Katy Perry is rather eclectic in her tastes, but one might not expect those tastes to include a manor of Italian design, replete with outbuildings and eight acres of land. She seems a bit too ‘pop star’ for that. One might also not expect Katy Perry, a convent, and Charles Manson to all have something in common–but they do. Katy …

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Pregnant Nun Surprises Roman Catholic Church

A 31-year-old El Salvadoran nun has caught the Roman Catholic Church off guard by giving birth to a baby boy. Roxana Rodriguez¬†was rushed to a hospital in Rieti, Italy on Wednesday for severe stomach pains. She eventually had the baby several hours later and decided to name him Francesco in honor of the Pope. Rodriguez apparently told doctors that her …

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