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Abercrombie Apologizes Once Again for CEO’s ‘Exclusionary’ Comments

Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch are continuing the apology tour, once again telling those angered by comments from CEO Mike Jeffries that they’re sorry for any offense they caused. Earlier this month, comments made by Jeffries during a a 2006 interview with Salon surfaced, and they hit with a thud. Jeffries said that yes, his store is exclusionary, and implied …

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Twitter Blocks Neo-Nazi Account in Germany, Marking First Use of Local Censorship Policy

As of right now, there are tweets floating around that everyone in the world can access except the residents of a single country – and it was Twitter’s doing. In a move of local censorship, Twitter has apparently blocked German users from accessing the tweets of an account said to belong to a neo-Nazi group. According to the New York …

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