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eBay Attracts More Complaints
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eBay is certainly no stranger to controversy. They even catch hell when they’re giving away items (well technically, they’re charging a buck….for things like sports cars, jet skis, etc.). The auction site is hosting a contest called "Holiday Doorbusters," which is basically summed up here:

New Paid Links Service Sparks More Debate
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InLinksQuite a storm of debate has erupted over a new service called InLinks – essentially a paid text link service that allegedly makes it hard for Google (and other search engines) to detect them. And mouths of  Internet marketers begin to salivate.

Bloggers Eat Up Questionable Obama Interview
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The right side of the blogosphere is in a snit over a phone interview of Michelle Obama posted by African Press International. Only thing is, the Obama campaign says it’s a complete fabrication.

Google Defamation Suit Sparks Blogging Controversy

The Wired Blog Network, revealed the mystery behind the Google defamation law suit in India.

Twitter Congress Controversy

The New York Times, tomorrow, has an article about the controversy over using Internet communications tools like Qik and Twitter and whether they should be allowed to be used by members of Congress.

The new press conference

Google Being the Guy in Clothes at the Nude Beach?
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Google recently introduced Google Trends for Websites, which has sparked some controversy around the web.

The tool allows users to view stats for any site they choose, and like Doug mentioned here, this could mean trouble for companies like Alexa, Compete, and their competitors.

Wikipedia Sparks Controversy Over Muhammad

According to the International Herald Tribune, the depiction of Prophet Muhammad in Wikipedia’s article on the subject has triggered an online petition.

Is the SEM Industry Headed Toward Hostility?

Some time last year I realized my association with the search engine optimization and marketing industry might change because the atmosphere was getting partisan. Bad feelings between leaders were festering and it didn’t take much of a nudge to start a rumble.

The situation isn’t improving and I wonder why. Case in point is a recent bit of flap over an article that went out by someone well respected, which in hindsight was an error in judgment. Apologies have been made but it won’t end there because something has drastically shifted in the industry.

Guess What: People Run Wikipedia

It’s been awhile since we had any Wikipedia controversy, so maybe it’s about time for a pile-on — you know, something about how Jimmy Wales doesn’t care about quality, or how he runs the “open source” encyclopedia as his own personal fiefdom, or how people run around using strange technical terms that no one outside the Wikipedia cabal can understand (okay, that last one is totally true).

This time it’s the revelation of a top-secret… wait for it… mailing list only for insiders! According to a breathless piece in The Register:

Google Has Controversy On Its Mind

Operating in over a hundred countries means Google has to juggle a lot of laws and cultural differences as they try to present information as openly as possible.

Blip.tv Chosen By FYI To Host Shows

When Blip.tv showed up on For Your Imagination’s radar, it evidently looked like a rather appealing ally – the production company now intends to use Blip.tv as the primary host for its programming.

You Didn’t Read This In The Newspaper
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Newspaper publishers have retreated to a local focus that gives them the best chance of retaining subscribers and favorable advertising rates. It’s meant something different for readers when it comes to news topics beyond the city limits.

FM Publishing Gets $4.5 Million

Federated Media Publishing’s homepage declares that it is “built on conversational media,” and I won’t argue the point.  I’m sure that some prior rounds of funding helped, however, and a new one – FM just received $4.5 million – will probably also be of assistance.

Not All Goodmail Partners Have A Whitelist
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Goodmail Systems announced last week that four major Internet service providers will be adding CertifiedEmail to their repertoire of email filters. The sweeping partnerships give Goodmail automatic access to some 65 percent of US inboxes.

Digg Embroiled In HD DVD Controversy
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The posting of a code that decrypts HD DVD format DRM caused plenty of uproar at the social news site when Digg administrators took down posts and banned accounts over it. That was just the start.

Bud.tv King Of Controversy

Earlier this year I wrote an article about Anheuser-Busch launching their online entertainment network called Bud.tv. In the article I mentioned that the company was concerned with installing an effective age verification system.

CEO Blogs Not Censored Yet

It seems that blogs are trying to make a transition away from the simple person-next-door chronicling their activities, moods, likes, dislikes, and thoughts to the higher profile musings and strategies of business executives who want to communicate quickly to their journalists, investors, analysts and even customers.

Citizendium Forks Wikipedia

Skepticism abounds as the co-founder of Wikipedia plans to start a project fork of the anything-goes online encyclopedia with a new project that will abolish anonymous editing of topics and install topic experts to oversee the content.

Digg Unearths Controversy

Accusations persist that a small group of users dominate the promotion of stories that reach the front page, but Digg is fighting back against perceptions of being controlled.

IT Women Calendar Causes Controversy

A calendar designed to encourage more women into IT occupations, and help dispel the notion that IT is not a desirable career for women, has caused a storm of controversy in Australia.

“White” PSP Ad Creates Controversy
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Sony’s latest advertising effort is garnering a lot of attention, but not all of the buzz is positive. The campaign, which promotes the new white PSP model, features photographs of two women, one black and one white, engaged in something of a catfight. The most heavily featured picture shows the white woman holding the black woman by the jaw.