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Sonia Sotomayor Rips Court a New One

The dust from the “Hobby Lobby” ruling at the Supreme Court has not even settled yet, and the next SCOTUS scandal is already hitting the ground. In the landmark case involving the Affordable Care Act, certain forms of contraception, and whether corporations can claim religious differences that exempt them from following the law of the land, the Court handed down …

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Hobby Lobby Invests in Abortion Pills

In a discovery that is bound to rankle supporters, Mother Jones magazine revealed yesterday that Hobby Lobby is in bed with the enemy. After months/years of fighting the Affordable Care Act’s provisions requiring birth control to be covered by employer-provided insurance plans, including taking that fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court, it now comes to light …

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Contraception: Permanent Birth Control “Essure” Causes Pelvic Pain

You know it is a serious public health issue when famed consumer advocate Erin Brockovich is campaigning against a procedure that claims permanent contraception, but delivers excruciating pelvic pain and a variety of other side effects in women. According to complaints emerging around the country, thousands of women are reporting that Essure, a medical procedure that provides permanent birth control …

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Pope Francis Preaches Mercy, Not Dogma, in Interview

Pope Francis has made some bold moves since becoming Pope. First, he shunned his elaborate palace-like apartment in the Vatican in favor of the guest house. Pope Francis also got rid of the Pope-mobile, has washed the feet of others (including women and children), placed phone calls to average, everyday people, and has become a prolific Twitter user. Pope Francis …

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