Close The Ad Loop For Big Returns

Close The Ad Loop For Big Returns

By WebProNews Staff April 7, 2008

Online ads can enhance one’s sales both on the Internet and in the brick and mortar storefront, as one recent study noted.

Affiliate Summit: Contextual Advertising Options

Pick something – a Web browser, toothpaste, whatever – that you’ve set against comparable products.  Maybe you gave those alternatives a fair chance, and came back to Product #1 in the end, anyway.  As Joel Comm weighed various contextual advertising options at Affiliate Summit 2007 East, it seemed like that same sort of circular journey was taking place, but you won’t hear me complain; it’s always nice to have extra choices.

blinkx Launches Contextual Video Ads

It was only a matter of time, because it’s seemed obvious to many that a good video advertising solution would be for an automated system to match video content to commercial style video ads. blinkx has announced their solution called AdHoc (honestly, must every advertising solution be “Ad-something”?) that does this.

Contextual Ads Added to Ask Sponsored Listings
The 30,000 advertisers using Ask Sponsored Listings just received a new channel for displaying their ads as IAC has announced the launch of a contextual advertising channel.

Ask Enters Contextual Ad Space

Sites under the IAC arcology will be the first to display contextual advertising from the Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) network, with an interesting twist on what gets displayed.

Parasitic Business Models
As more large trusted publishers launch ad networks will this force Google to rethink their authority heavy algorithms and ad quality scores that benefit these growing arbitrage plays? Or is Google promoting many small ad networks to spread the portion of the pie that they don’t control really thin?

Shopping sites like Shopping.com, Yahoo! Shopping, BizRate, and NextTag already dominate Google’s organic search results and paid listings.

Amazon Contextual Links Warning

Amazon Contextual Links has launched in beta – actually a good job it is beta because I have already noticed a few bugs just by visiting one blog that was discussing the news.

AdWords to Show Contextual Ad Location URLs

Jen noticed that Google’s Kim Malone announced that in the next couple months AdWords will start displaying content targeted ad locations.

Google AdSense pays most publishers crumbs for their ad space. People who are running AdSense ads are willing to sell ads. And sites that have AdSense ads on them are probably actively managed.

Is there a better way to get a list of relevant pages to acquire links from than to run a content targeted AdSense ad campaign and ping those webmasters?

Godin on Contextual Ad Targeting

Seth Godin wonders whether media buyers are right to pull ads off Google’s and Yahoo’s contextual networks because of how loosey-goosey they are with their approach to placement — they match ads to pages, rather than allowing the advertiser "channel control."

While it’s true that Y!&Goog would benefit from better sites joining their networks, I agree with Seth that being so afraid to show your ads on "Joe Schmo’s Sports site" could be doing the client a disservice.

Print Books and Contextual Advertising

A little off topic, but it’s still interesting to note that book authors are starting to learn a trick or two from marketers. The WP looks at a new book that includes a contextual ad for Lexus

V7N is Brokering Contextual Links

It’s only been a few days since John Scott and Jeff Behrendt opened the new V7N contextual links to publishers and already the frenzy has begun with bloggers unable to sign up fast enough for the program.

Google Employee Tide May be Shifting

Google has been the darling of the employee/recruitment world for a while due to their upwardly mobile stock price, reputation, place where smart people are, and lavish employee perks.

Google Beta-Testing Keyword-based Ad Filtering

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a post ‘Adsense Should Allow Contextual Ad Filtering by Keyword’.

Adsense Should Allow Filtering by Keyword

EGOL recently made a post on the SEOmoz blog about one of the major shortcomings of Adsense: the lack of a feature to set negative keywords for the contextual ad matching.

The IM Gap & Contextual Relevancy

As a 28 year-old writing professional, instant messaging is a foregone conclusion to the scope of my work. Every moment of my working day is spent logged in to the IM client that we employ to communicate with each other here in the office, as well as to get quick quotes and information from sources.

Online Video Trends & Contextual Advertising
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PodZinger has announced the results of its proprietary research into consumer behavior and online video advertising viewing preferences. The research reveals that not only will viewers tolerate advertisements that appear during their search for online audio and video content, they willingly accept that short ads come with the territory.

PubCon: Contextual Advertising Optimization

Representatives from Yahoo and Google both presented their respective strategies for contextual advertising as part of today’s PubCon lineup. WebProNews was on the scene, and here’s a rundown of the session.