Google News Improves Timeliness, Context

Google News Improves Timeliness, Context

By Doug Caverly December 7, 2007

News that’s not timely barely matters; news that’s not presented in context is irresponsible.  Now, by changing the way it tracks updates and local coverage, Google News hopes to address both these issues.

LookSmart Puts AdCenter Into Context

LookSmart just added contextual ad serving and optimization to its AdCenter platform. With the addition publishers are given more control over the relevance and appearance of ads appearing on websites.

Marketing: Content, Context, Community

In a previous article I talked about the 3 C’s of Marketing as explained at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape

Another Thing CIOs Should Know About Requirements

I saw this article on CIO magazine  – Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements. It seems to me that there is one more thing (at least) that they need to know about requirements:

Business rules are NOT requirements

eBay Keeps Its Affiliates In Context
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Affiliates with online marketplace eBay feed the site visitors, and the people they pass along who register and buy on eBay add up to profits for the website and for the affiliates too.

A Plea: Don’t Overthrow King Content

Traditional media powerhouses, who spent the better part of the 20th Century perfecting content production and distribution, will have to change everything or risk being left behind. But there are some old-world moves, according to Bear Sterns, that will keep them afloat in a world to be ruled by Google and Yahoo.

Thinking Outside The Context For Ad Targeting

It’s conceivable that when targeting a demographic, tunnel vision could become an issue.

Schwartz To SEC: Can We Blog?

Regulation FD, which regulates the fair disclosure of information material to a company’s operation, needs to be rethought so more CEOs can start blogging like Sun’s top executive, Jonathan Schwartz.

Google Happy to Allow Click Fraud ?

Ok, so ZDNet has likely taken Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s comments out of context, but it looks as though the search engine top-dog believes click fraud should be left alone to self-correct.

Goofus & Gallant: Content vs. Context

Our latest installment of Goofus & Gallant tries to answer the question: “is it the medium or the message?”

IBM SourceForges UIMA

Source code for IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) now has a home on SourceForge, as IBM invites developers everywhere to take a shot at the concept of knowledge discovery.

Blinkx Tossing MIVA Ads Into Context

The company formerly known as FindWhat will deliver ads for Blinkx’s Smart Ads Platform.

Putting ContextWeb In Context

The year-old New York-based contextual advertising company has seen rapid growth and an influx of new VC funding.

It’s context that’s important

teve Broback at Blog Business Summit has posted a list of 51 PR firms whose websites include the word ‘blog’…

Context For Your Blog

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in, take a look at the presentations from WOMMA Summit 2005. The focus is obviously word-of-mouth marketing, and blogs are just one tool from that perspective. But many of the speakers did talk about blogs as part of their strategies.

Geoffrey Moore: The Role of Open Source Computing

I’m a little bit of a late arriver at this party. Personally, a late adopter. You want to catch up when you are late, but I don’t think sobriety is your strongest suit. Want to talk about what you look like to someone coming late to the open source cultural, personal and technical movement. And why are we where we are now?

Context Is Everything

We’re working on a media kit and collateral material for an internet company looking to boost its advertising substantially. The company has done extremely well for advertisers (mostly dr advertisers) on a cost per click basis. One reason for its success is that the user/consumer chooses this navigation tool – it isn’t embedded in some other software – and it isn’t spyware.