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Google Gets Behind Tax Data Visualization Contest

Prepare to take some pride in what your tax dollars achieve (or decide to disappear into the forests of Canada).  Google’s throwing $5,000 and its PR machine behind a contest meant to show the public how American tax money is spent.

YouTube, See3 Organize DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards
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It’s time for charitable organizations to dust off their camcorders and put on their thinking caps.  YouTube and See3 Communications have partnered for the second time to present the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, a competition that will grant the winners cash, publicity, and a new gadget.

Global “Google Science Fair” Planned
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Not much info is available at this point, but the parents and teachers of scientifically inclined 13-18 year olds (along with the 13-18 year olds themselves) might want to stay close to their computers tomorrow morning.  At 9 AM EST, Google intends to announce the first-ever Google Science Fair.

Google’s described the event as "the world’s first online global science competition," and some interesting partners are also involved: CERN, LEGO, National Geographic, and Scientific American. 

Google Puts Off High-Speed Broadband Decision

Ten months ago, Google volunteered to build experimental fiber networks in "a small number of trial locations."  People in about 1,100 communities then proved what a great idea this was by applying for the program.  Unfortunately, the response was more than Google could handle, and so the next step has been delayed. 

Google Tests NFC Tech, Holds Hotpot Contest In Portland
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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is not mainstream.  Indeed, the average consumer probably hasn’t heard of it yet.  But Google’s going to give NFC and its new Hotpot service a push in Portland, encouraging local businesses and consumers to get involved.

Facebook Announces Hacker Cup
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Computer engineers interested in a free trip to Palo Alto, some cash, and perhaps a job offer should pay attention.  Facebook’s announced something called the Hacker Cup, and top competitors will receive at least those first two prizes for sure.

YouTube Starts “On The Rise” Spotlight Program
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Some lesser-known participants in the YouTube Partner Program are about to get a serious leg up when it comes to promoting their channels.  Late yesterday, YouTube introduced a contest-like feature called "On the Rise" which will grant crowd favorites a spot on the homepage.

Google Announces 10,000-Unit Google TV Giveaway
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Developers with an interest in Google TV might want to start clearing space in their dens for a set-top unit.  Google’s announced that it intends to give away a whopping 10,000 Logitech Revue devices in order to spur interest in the Google TV ecosystem.

We should note that Google’s not just trying to get apps built; this promotion is designed more to encourage the optimization (or creation) of websites for Google TV users.

Yahoo and Ad Council Launch “Create for a Cause” Contest

Yahoo and the Ad Council have announced the launch of the 2010 "Create for a Cause" contest. The competition looks to highlight the best and most creative in non-profit-focused digital advertising.   

“King of Bing Maps” Soon To Be Determined

Update: Microsoft announced that the "King of Bing Maps" contest is now closed. They will determine the winner soon.

Original Article: Bing has announced that it’s searching for "someone to worship." By this, they mean lead the way in Bing Map App development. So naturally, they’ve launched a contest.

Logitech Launches Contest to Find Help Promoting Google TV Device
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Logitech has started a contest to promote Google TV, the upcoming service for which Logitech is a launch partner. The contest is called "Host with the Most", and asks if "you have what it takes to be a ‘host with the most’ for Logitech Revue with Google TV?"

Logitech Revue is the company’s set-top box that will help the Google TV service launch (alongside TVs and Blu-ray players from Sony).

Massive YouTube Film Experiment Announced

A project that should entirely live up to the billing "historic cinematic experiment" has begun.  Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald, YouTube, and LG have asked people all over the world to record (part of) their lives on July 24th, and then much of the footage will be used to create a single film that’ll premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

YouTube Kicks Off Dance Contest with Help from Step Up 3-D Director
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YouTube has teamed up with Dr. Pepper Cherry and Jon M. Chu, Director of Step Up 2: The Streets and the upcoming Step Up 3-D, on a YouTube dance contest called, "YouTube Dance Contest: Dance Studio".

In this contest, YouTube users are asked to submit videos of themselves dancing for a chance to win a trip to LA and spend a day with Chu at a "jam session", as well as an opportunity to dance in an Ultra Records music video.

Second PayPal X Developer Challenge Announced
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Look for many, many interesting new PayPal apps and services to surface over the next four or so months.  The second PayPal X Developer Challenge was announced today, and the competition is sure to draw lots of participants with $150,000 in prizes on the line.

A PayPal representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "[T]he grand prize is worth $100,000 – $50,000 will be deposited directly into the winner’s PayPal account and the other $50,000 will go towards waived transaction fees."

YouTube, Guggenheim Partner To Seek Creative Vids

YouTube, HP, and the foundation behind some of the most famous museums in the world have teamed up to discover creative online videos.  Winners of the YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video competition will then get to see their videos presented at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, along with the Guggenheim museums in Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice.

Google Announces Science Fair Awards
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A science fair that’s been around since 1950 is about to become an even bigger deal thanks to Google.  The company’s announced that it will give out three Google Special Awards at the International Science and Engineering Fair (which has been sponsored by Intel since 1997).

Facebook Announces First Batch Of Fellows
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The Facebook Fellowship Program has born fruit.  After making an initial announcement about it three months ago, Facebook will now pay five Ph.D. students’ tuition and fees, send them to conferences, and provide each of them with a $30,000 stipend.

Google Code Jam 2010 Registration Opens
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Another year, another Google-sponsored competition meant to identify the world’s best programmers.  People can now sign up to participate in Google Code Jam 2010, which will offer winners more than $10,000 in prize money.

Here’s a brief overview of the most important dates for anyone who’s ready to dive in: registration began this afternoon.  A 24-hour qualification round will take place on May 7th.  Additional online rounds will take place May 22nd, May 23rd, June 5th, and June 12th, and then the onsite finals will fall on July 30th.

Winners Of Yahoo Yodeling Contest Announced
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About one month ago, Yahoo launched a new campaign to get people excited about its brand, and as part of the exercise, asked individuals to put their spin on the famous Yahoo yodel.  This afternoon, Yahoo identified the three people who stood out from the crowd.

Yahoo Launches New Ad Unit with Charity Contest

Yahoo is launching a new Yahoo Mail ad unit called "Tandem," to be reserved for "the most creative" non-profit campaign. The company has partnered with the Ad Council to launch the initiative, which it refers to as "Create for a Cause."

Netflix Announces Contest Winner…Finally

Update: Nefflix officially announced the winner of the first contents today, and the beginning of the second contest. The winner of the first one is a team of engineers, statisticians and researchers. 

Read the release here.