Contest Articles

SEM – The World’s Largest Popularity Contest

Currently, search engine marketing is best described by the phrase “popular.” This may change in the future, but right now, to rank in a competitive search term, you have to be popular; you know, like way back in high school where there was a division between the “cool kids” and everyone else.

Yahoo Teams With San Francisco Film Society

Yahoo Video has teamed with the San Francisco Film Society for the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival GreenWorld Contest powered by Yahoo’s Jumpcut. The two will also launch a branded video channel featuring content from the San Francisco Film Society.

Dave Pasternack SEO Contest Comes to an End

The much hyped Dave Pasternack SEO contest has come to a close and the winner is

SEO-No! Wikipedia Nofollows Outbound Links

If using a well-made Wikipedia entry to boost a site’s PageRank has been part of your search optimization strategy, you will have to cross that tactic off the list.

YouTube Pulls Down Posts

JD Lasica had a post removed from YouTube the other day.

Got Issues? Yahoo Wants The Video

Yahoo and the Film Your Issue website are jointly promoting the “Issue Film” competition to highlight the concerns of young adults over topical issues.

Interesting Discussion About Linkbait Games

The concept of linkbait exploded during the Las Vegas PubCon, thanks in large part to the drinkbait game. While it’s true there were a number of sessions devoted to concept, seeing it in action in the form of game based on getting your picture taken hammered the whole idea home.

Why Did Yahoo Buy Contest Site Bix?

I must admit to being a little perplexed as to why Yahoo decided it needed to acquire Bix, a company that provides online karaoke and contests.

Win Yourself A Link and a Coconut – Contest Linkbaiting

I just want to take a second and pass along one of the coolest linkbait ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Nokia, FinNode Looking For Mobile Plans

It’s not anytime minutes and SMS they want, but they would like to find and reward the winner of a contest for the best business plan in the Web-2-Mobile Business Plan Competition.

Yahoo Crunches Out Doritos Ad Contest

Yahoo’s first order of business after its acquisition of video site JumpCut is to invite users to create a Doritos commercial, similar to what Yahoo! did recently with their own promotion. The grand prize: $10,000 and a trip to Super Bowl XLI in Miami.

Progress Made Towards Netflix Prize

A number of people were suspicious when the Netflix Prize was announced. $1 million isn’t much of a reward, some complained, and others believed that it would be difficult to improve upon the site’s movie recommendation algorithm. Now, a little over one week into the contest, three teams have already beaten the existing system.

NBC and YouTube Make Up, Hold Hands

Despite past riffs between the two regarding intellectual property, NBC and YouTube announced a strategic partnership to promote NBC programming on the video sharing site.

Travelblogging India Contest

If you live in India and you’re a blogger, there’s a contest running where you can win an opportunity to travel India and blog your experiences.

Social Media Burying Marketers

Now that Chevy has demonstrated how an advertising campaign can work with some online tools and lots of user participation, the era of the high-priced ad agency account could be viewing a blood-red sunset.

Google Contest May Jam Up Coders

Google’s Code Jam Europe wants to find the best and brightest among European Java and C programmers, but its scheduling leaves something to be desired.

Average Joe And Saving The Internet

Pull Average Joe to the side (the next time you see him at the pub or wherever Joe haunts these days) and float the phrase “Network Neutrality” by him; if for nothing else, to watch the blankness wash over him. He has little use for the phrase, though it has the potential to affect him greatly.

MSN Spaces Adds Windows Live Expo Content

MSN Spaces has added a Windows Live Expo module, so people can list their Expo items on their Space.

GM User Created Ad Contest Backfires

Giving the public the opportunity to create Chevy Tahoe video advertisements led to the creation of numerous anti-SUV commercials instead.

MSN Search Goes Mad In March

Another sports-driven arrangement between Microsoft and Fox Sports will deliver men’s basketball tournament information to users of MSN Search with the site’s Instant Answer technology.

Incentive To Grab For Google’s Share

Speculation abounds about the future of search and the dominance of Google, as rivals Microsoft and Yahoo ramp up their search engines and consider incentives for people to use their search.