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Yahoo! and Spotify Strike Global Content Distribution Deal

If you’re a fan of Spotify, you’ll be happy to hear they just struck a deal with Yahoo to bring more music to more listeners. That’s right, Spotify’s music collection is now going to be available through Yahoo. It’s going to start on Yahoo Music but will be contextually integrated to other Yahoo media sites as the year progresses. In …

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SOPA Ignores Simple Truths Concerning Piracy

It’s true that SOPA has been denounced by many industry giants that make their living in on the Internet. Normally, when such rejections are voiced, the wording of SOPA is normally attacked, along with the potential threat to the structural integrity of the Internet due to DNS-based prevention measures. And then there’s the censorship/free speech aspect, which has led some …

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Netflix Eyeing New Episodes of Reno 911!

And by “eyeing,” I mean Netflix actually wants to further its commitment to the content production side of the entertainment business, something they’ve already established with the House of Cards endeavor. While original programming is one thing, can Netflix help revive previously cancelled television shows like Reno 911! and give them new life? That’s certainly one of their goals, but …

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