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Google Was Just Granted A Patent For Manufacturing Contact Lenses

On Tuesday, Google was granted a patent related to the manufacturing of contact lenses. This comes at a time when the company’s approach to Glass is in something of a transition. Google pulled the plug on the first phase of Google Glass earlier this year, but has maintained that the project is not dead. They’ve just kind of taken it …

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Google Deals With Novartis To Further Develop Its Smart Contact Lenses

Earlier this year, Google announced its smart contact lenses aimed at helping diabetics keep glucose levels under control. The company has now reportedly found a partner to to make them. Reuters is reporting that Google has struck a deal with Novartis to develop the contact lenses and better compete in the blood-sugar tracking market. But they’re not stopping there. According …

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Contact Lenses Are Getting Smarter Thanks To Google

Contact lenses have been helping people see without the aid of glasses since 1888. In that time, the contact lens hasn’t changed all that much. The century old tech is in for a big overhaul in the coming years, however, thanks to Google. Mashable is reporting that Google has been granted two patents for its “smart contact lenses.” The contact …

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Google Contact Lenses Are Now Official

We reported two years ago that Google contact lenses were likely on the way, after Glass was unveiled, and finding that one of the engineers had previously given a talk discussing such devices. Now, Google has actually announced smart contact lenses. It’s not what you think though. It’s not the contact lens version of Google Glass. At least not yet. …

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Google Glass-Like Contact Lenses Are Getting Closer

One of the Google Glass engineers gave a talk at the Google-hosted Solve For X event earlier this year, before Google even revealed Project Glass. He talked about building microsystems on the eye. For some reason, even after the unveiling of Project Glass, this didn’t get a whole lot of attention. Basically, he talked about putting devices in contact lenses. …

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