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FundsXpress and Coremetrics Provide Detailed Analysis of Consumer Behavior Helps Banks

FundsXpress, a provider of Internet-based financial services, and Coremetrics, a provider of hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solutions, announced a partnership to integrate detailed analysis of consumer behavior with online banking, bill pay, and other key channel solutions for financial institutions.

When Consumers Supplant Consumer Reports

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – consumers are supplanting Consumer Reports magazine.

The Rise of the Empowered Consumer

The Economist has a fascinating story about the increasing power consumers have in today’s marketplace. Snippets…

Consumer Confidence Continues Decline

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in February, lost more ground in March.

Consumer Prices Increase At Quickest Rate in 4 Months

Consumer prices increased at their fastest rate in four months last month as inflation makes its mark on the nation’s economy.

Coremetrics Launches LIVEmark to Measure Comprehensive Online Consumer Behaviors

Hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solutions provider, Coremetrics has launched LIVEmark, the first industry-specific benchmarking solution to measure comprehensive online consumer behaviors.

Hyundai Gets Praise From Consumer Reports

According to Consumer Reports, Hyundai Motor Company’s Sonata was the most reliable 2004 car model sold in the United States.

Consumer Prices Help Ease Inflation Fear

U.S. consumer prices increased 0.1% last month as energy costs fell for the second consecutive month.

Consumer Prices Rise Only Slightly

Consumer prices rose slightly last month at 0.1% and energy prices went down for the second month in a row.

Consumer Confidence Index Declines

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, after improving in January, went down in February.

Consumer Confidence Exceeds Expectations

The U.S. consumer confidence index unexpectedly rose for the second month in a row to a six-month high.

Data Recovery 1-on-1

For this weeks report we are talking with Greg Duffield of ACS Data Recovery http://www.acsdata.com.

The First 106 Miles

A bit over an hour ago I got home from the first meeting of 106 Miles, which Joyce describes as: a networking group for entrepreneurial engineers in Silicon Valley.

Checkmate for Microsoft?

I was checking out our new SearchBrains.com site which crawls articles from numerous blogs related to the search engine industry and links to them minutes after they are posted.

Intel CEO to Speak at Consumer Electronics Show

Around the globe, millions of consumers are living their own “personal digital lifestyles.”

Leveraging your Holiday Sales Volumes and Getting your Business in the Consumers Minds

As people hustle and bustle about trying to get those last minute gift ideas ready before the big day hits, spending is up and sales run rampant, as marketers get ready for that special time of year.

Use Timeshifting Technology to Your Benefit

If there’s one thing that people entering PR field are surprised by it is the sheer amount of preparation that goes into every successful campaign.

Consumer Goods Keyword Prices on the Increase

Nowhere is the dynamic crossfire of the search engine market better revealed than in the volatile fluctuations of the costs of its keywords.

Info.com: Consumer Focused Meta Search

Recently, a new meta search engine was launched under the name of Info.com. For those unaware, meta search engines pool the results of other search engines (Google, Yahoo) into a single result set. This approach to web search is an attempt to present the most relevant results as meta engines focus on filtering out extraneous listings. Otherwise, users would be flooded with millions of result pages (depending on the keyword’s popularity).

KaZaZZ’s Daily Search Consumer Portal

KaZaZZ has launched its new search portal called Daily Search. Daily Search delivers consumer content based on the specific day of the week.

Adobe and Yahoo Provide Consumer Services

Leveraging the over half-a-billion copies of Adobe Reader software distributed to date and the No. 1 Internet brand, Yahoo, the two companies will introduce integrated products that feature Adobe services, significantly increase the reach of Yahoo! Search and expand the online utility of Adobe Reader.