Consumer Articles

Window Shoppers, Soda Jerks and Dodo Birds

Like the big blue public mailboxes, and the pay phones before that, window shoppers are diminishing; perhaps resident mall grandpas too, people-watching and purse-holding. Actual shopping – that is, comparing – is done online, even if the purchase is often offline.

Consumer Input Reaching Deep

Consumers have more control over what products and services companies will offer…

States Define Law Blogs As Advertising

Another indication that the law is struggling to keep up with technology in a useful way, proposed restrictions in New York could prevent lawyers from setting blogs about law.

Putting A Face On Consumer Product Reviews

Web 2.0 is an honor system where everyone expects the crowd to be noble and then becomes angry at the reality of honor systems. Anonymity is a ski mask for drive-by commentators. Though a rude blog comment is often nothing more than cursing behind the windshield, when the road-raged driver becomes a crusader outside your storefront, it’s serious.

Who Makes Wikipedia Work?

Aaron Swartz did some initial research comparing Wikipedia contributors by number of edits and characters, arguing that the core community (who make most of the edits) should matter less than peripheral domain experts (who write more).

Consumer Created Content Impacts Purchases

JupiterResearch has discovered that consumer-created content (blogs, forums etc) are having an increasing impact on consumer’s online purchasing.

Tech Firms Fear Privacy Lawsuits

A dozen high-powered companies inside and outside of the technology industry jointly requested Congress pass a law to protect the privacy of consumers, while insulating them from being “brought to their knees” by class-action lawsuits.

Consumer Mailings – Direct way to Keep in Touch with Customers

One of the best ways to remind your customer about you and what you do for them is to keep them on a consumer mailing list.

Google Signs On to Consumer Privacy Petition

Google announced today that the company has signed on to a lobbying effort calling for federal consumer privacy legislation. The Mountain View, Ca. based company joins up with other technology and economic powerhouses like Microsoft, Intel, Eli Lilly, and eBay.

$1000 PRWeb Web 2.0 Hunt for Bloggers

PRWeb has announced a viral, direct to consumer powered press release that offers $1000 to bloggers that find all 10 of the new features PRWeb has added recently.

Google Launches Consumer Generated Campaign

Google Blogoscoped notices that Google is developing deeper ties to Hollywood.

Yahoo! Tech Targets Consumer Electronic Market

Being compared by some to cNet, Yahoo! has launched a new technology focused portal aimed at the electronic consumer market.

Vista 60 Percent Rewrite Is All Speculation

A report from an Australian publication citing a source at Acer Australia claimed up to 60 percent of the Windows Vista code needed to be rewritten, and Xbox engineers were being moved over to help with the programming.

FUD Surrounds Vista

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s postponement of the consumer launch of Windows Vista comes bad news about the actual code of the product, reported yesterday by Australian tech magazine Smarthouse:

Driving Consumer Confidence in Self-Service

We all know the frustration of poorly designed automated systems. You email customer service only to receive an automated response that doesn’t answer your question.

Sixty Three Percent of Searchers Buy Offline

comScore and Google have released a new study – “The Role of Search in Consumer Buying” – which examined holiday related purchases to see which completed online and which offline.

No Consumer Vista Seen For 2006

While business users will have Microsoft’s new Vista operating system available in November 2006, the company will miss this year’s lucrative holiday shopping season as its consumer version of Vista has slipped to January 2007.

PR in the Age of Consumer Control

Google. The effusive praise this deceptively low-key search engine elicits is maddening. I used to mock Google. Now I seemingly won’t go to the john without it.

Blogs, Consumer Generated Media and Buzz

One of the areas of online marketing and PR that continues to gain interest is buzz marketing through blogs and similar consumer generated media.

Windows Live Local Consumer Local Search…

And mapping to expand with street-side – new functionality.

Long Tail: Boon for Consumer, Bust for Producer?

The Long Tail theory believes that the Web marks the end of the blockbuster era and rise of the niche. Perhaps true. But there may be some significant unexpected consequences.