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Wal-Mart Brings Customer Reviews Online
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Wal-Mart today said it is adding customer reviews and ratings on its Web site.

Listen Up: Google Audio Ads

There are a few details about Google’s foray into radio advertising that make it sound like an idea worth trying.

Senate Pushes Web Pharmacy Regulations
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There’s most likely a balance between no regulation and too much regulation, and the current Democratic Congress is walking that line. No one would doubt the potential harm caused by "rogue" Web-dealers, but Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) tightening grip on Internet service providers should at least cause one to step back a bit to look at it.

NY Board Seeks Google DoubleClick Delay

Concerns about privacy have prompted the New York State Consumer Protection Board to ask the Federal Trade Commission for a delay in approving Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick.

Google Privacy Concerns
On Friday I mentioned that privacy advocates are becoming even more concerned with how much information Google knows and will know about us. Two recent events are causing the uproar. First is Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick, which would come with a large amounts of user data the ad company has collected over the years. Second is the slightly more recent expansion of search history to web history within Google’s personalized search. Both will give Google more information about our surfing and searching habits than any company has ever had.

Does Google Police Online Pharmacies Enough?
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Recent deaths associated with drugs bought at online pharmacies have brought the issue front and center for many Americans. It’s still unclear as to whose responsibility it is to police them, but the strongest critics are pointing fingers at search engines and comparison-shopping sites.

Perspectives on Link Buying

I like to buy links. In fact, I love to buy links. As powerful and relevant as possible. The more they are such, the more they will help search engine rankings. Search engine rankings help sales. I love to buy sales even more than I like to buy links. I love to scale this process too. I am a capitalist. Capitalist theory may have it’s downfalls, but overall it has served our country pretty well. I think a case could be made for just about any link on the web being purchased in one way or another. You can read my thoughts on not being a link communist here.

It’s About Connections, Not Control

Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen Buzz Metrics wrote an interesting column this week talking about the fact that CMO’s still have control.  He railed against the absolution of responsibility on the part of marketers, using the new buzzwords of consumer empowerment to justify the fact that they can throw more spam at the average user now because, after all, the user is in control. 

Lessons From a Well-Crafted White Paper

If you write white papers, you will want to take note of what I am about to say.

Every once and a while I come across a simply excellent white paper.

Mobile Convergence And The Consumer

According to Parks Associates, U.S. consumers have a favorable opinion of convergence in mobile devices. The marketing research and consulting firm reports that 41 percent of U.S. households own a camera phone and 21 percent own an MP3 music phone.

The company is launching a new consumer survey Mobile Entertainment: Platforms and Services to examine consumer interest in mobile service and platform convergence. They will also study future trends in usage and purchase patterns.

Consumers To Spend $10 Billion On Home Audio

Online consumers are planning on emptying their pockets this year and spending $10 billion on home audio products, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The $10 billion covers speakers, receivers, media servers and other home audio products.

The projections are based on the Consumer Electronics Association’s "2007 Audio Purchasing Study" which was designed to evaluate online consumers habits in purchasing home audio products such as Home-Theater-In-A Box (HTIB) systems, component A/V receivers and speakers.

Who’s Going to Emetrics London?

One of the biggest conferences in terms of Web Analytics, the Emetrics Summit, is quickly coming up at the end of March (this time in London). 

Consumer Dissonance

One trend my firm follows is what we call consumer dissonance.

Online Video And The Consumer

Thirty-seven percent of consumers with high-speed Internet access are interested in watching TV online in either short or long form according to a new report from Jupiter Research, “Programming for the Three Screens”.

Techniques for Gaining Consumer Trust

When speaking of website optimization practices, it is often associated with SEO and the goal of achieving high search rankings. While this certainly is important to a site’s overall visibility, gaining and retaining user trust should also be a primary focus of any company looking to bolster its virtual presence.

Content-creating Consumers and Big Success Stories

Younger, participation-minded consumers will eventually dominate all of the online space, says trendwatching.

The Consumer Equalizer: eCommerce Blogging

With blog posts focusing on companies and their quality of service or lack thereof, what can you do to make sure you know how to handle negative posts about your company on blogs?

How does this help the consumer, and ultimately, companies? Can companies learn crisis management when situations flare up?

Let’s begin with the first question.

The “Anywhere Consumer” Is Here

Thanks to modern technology, a person can shop from pretty much anywhere, at any time. This person – a retailer’s dream – is known as the “Anywhere Consumer.”

The Forrester Consumer Forum

As noted in the earlier posts, have been at the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago for the last couple of days. Here are links to the posts:

How Consumer Online Research Impacts Sales

A June 2006 joint study conducted by Yahoo and the Consumer Electronics Association asserts that seventy-seven percent of all consumer electronics purchases were influenced by online research. The study also examines the role of search in consumer research.

Blogging Matters To Marketers

Six senior US marketers have posted their thoughts and opinions on why they believe blogging matters to marketers:

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