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Toyota Prius Chosen As Best Overall Value

Consumer Reports magazine has just selected Toyota Prius as the best overall value. The hybrid car has the best economic value for mileage with the average cost registering at 47 cents per mile. Considering the price is $29,230, this vehicle option is hard to beat. According to Consumer Reports Automotive Editor Rik Paul, “Prius’ 44 (m.p.g.) overall is the best …

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Best, Worst Airlines of 2013 Ranked by Consumer Reports

Flying can be one of the most unpleasant experiences in life. Even if passengers’ eardrums aren’t bombarded by crying babies or some woman singing Whitney Houston songs, the prices, accommodations, and service can often leave a lot to be desired. This week, Consumer Reports has shed some light on the variations of the flying experience that can be found on …

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Energy Drinks May Contain More Caffeine Than You Think

Consumer Reports today published a report on the level of caffeine in popular energy drinks. Their findings suggest that many of the energy drinks Americans consume on a daily basis have wildly varying levels of caffeine, and in some cases have more than anyone might suspect. Consumer Reports purchased 27 popular energy drinks from stores in Connecticut, New York, and …

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Apple To Address iPhone 4 Problems Friday

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to address the issues surrounding the iPhone 4 and it antenna problem.

Many users of the iPhone 4 have reported weak reception when it’s held a certain way, leading to it being called the "iPhone 4 death grip."

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