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Yelp Slaps 51 Businesses With Consumer Alert Warnings

Yelp announced that it has activated a new round of consumer alerts, this time slapping 51 businesses with the alert messages. While the alerts themselves show messages to consumers who stumble upon the Yelp pages of these businesses, the real message is to the business themselves, and that message is: “We don’t tolerate review manipulation.” “Consumers have the right to …

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Yelp Slaps 85 Businesses With Consumer Alerts

Yelp just announced that it’s releasing a new round of Consumer Alerts, slapping big warnings on top of the pages of 85 businesses. These businesses, Yelp says, are either attempting to buy or offer rewards for positive reviews or have a large number of reviews submitted from the same IP address, which the company considers “a hint that someone may …

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Yelp Busts Businesses By Using Their ‘Private’ Messages As Evidence Of Fake Reviews

Yelp announced that it has released another round of Consumer Alerts on business pages. This time they’re dishing out a total of sixty-one alerts for businesses including dentists, hairdressers, plumbers, and car dealers. This time, Yelp reveals that it busted some businesses bribing reviewers through messaging on Yelp itself: For example, imagine you were considering using Atticare, a home cleaning …

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Yelp Slaps Consumer Alerts On More Pages, Renews Them On Others

Yelp announced on Friday that it has launched a new round of Consumer Alerts for “a handful of businesses” in its latest efforts to combat the ongoing problem of fake reviews. Do you think the fake review problem has gotten better since Yelp started posting Consumer Alerts? Let us know in the comments. Yelp first revealed the Consumer Alerts program …

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Just How Bad Is Yelp’s Fake Review Problem?

You’re probably aware of multiple controversial issues surrounding Yelp reviews. There are several to choose from. You have some businesses accusing the company of holding positive reviews hostage (with advertising being the ransom). You have a court ordering Yelp to turn over the identities of anonymous Yelp reviewers. You have people paying other people to write fake reviews, whether it’s …

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