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That NSA Review Panel Gets One More Member

Last week, a unconfirmed report emerged saying that President Obama had chosen the members for his proposed NSA review panel. Many were disappointed to learn that the four members chosen all had a connection to the White House and three are close to the intelligence community. Well, we now have official confirmation of who’s joining the NSA review panel and …

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Floyd Abrams Talks First Amendment Law At Google

The First Amendment is incredibly important in the Internet age. It’s frequently at the center of many debates on what constitutes free speech online. Now, one of the foremost First Amendment scholars of our time – Floyd Abrams – stopped by Google to talk about his new book, “Friends of the Court: On The Front Lines With The First Amendment:” …

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ACLU: Marine Has 1st Amendment Right To Criticize President

Sgt. Gary Stein is in serious hot water. The now famous marine got into the proverbial hot water after he made comments that the President, his commander-in-chief, was an enemy of the state and said that he would refuse any unlawful orders from Obama. While this is not the first time that he has been in hot water for politically …

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