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Constitution Tattoo Mars Rolling Stone Cover

Stick-on tattoo? For Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s sake, let’s hope so. The “Veep” star is featured on the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone magazine with the title “First Lady of Comedy” under Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s name. The photograph depicts a nude Louis-Dreyfus with the U.S. Constitution etched on her across her back, signed by John Hancock. The only problem? John Hancock signed …

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Constitution Tattoo Flub Gets Response From Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The new Rolling Stone issue featuring a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus has people buzzing – for the wrong reasons. While Louis-Dreyfus looks stunning on the cover, but people are paying more attention to the US constitution tattooed on her back. Below the constitution is the signature of Founding Father John Hancock – who never signed the constitution. In fact, it was …

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