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A Look at Upcoming Search Industry Conferences

In the search marketing industry, face-to-face events seem to abound. If you’re a bit lost, here’s the beginnings of a rough working guide to the next 4-5 months in the field and what to expect.

The Big:

Live Blogging Tips
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For anyone that reads Online Marketing Blog from time to time knows we do a bit of conference blogging. In fact, during 2007 OMB covered 14 conferences involving nearly 100 blog posts, over 1500 photos and 20 videos.

LeWeb Conference Stresses Europe’s Importance
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Major tech conferences tend to include at least one stop in California.  The two-day LeWeb event is being held outside Paris, France, though, as it’s all about Europe.

If Your’re Not Following the Conferences
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Apologies in advance to my friends who are “working” in Las Vegas and Chicago at the two popular search engine marketing conferences and one user experience show – all going on this week. I’m at home, all warm and cozy and haven’t yet had to race to a press room or freak out over a dead laptop battery. Sheer heaven.

For those of us who stayed home…

What Tech Conference to Attend?

Richard MacManus asks “which tech conferences should I attend?”

I almost answered giving my opinion. But there’s a FAR BETTER way for him to figure that out than ask me what I think. It’s called “Upcoming.org.”

Cisco Conferences WebEx Into An Acquisition

$3.2 billion in a cash tender offer for WebEx shares will bring the online conferencing company into Cisco’s fold.

Niche SEO Conferences

Recently, in addition to the expansion of Elite Retreat, a couple more smaller niche SEO conferences have been announced. These conferences offer a great value because they allow you to be close to the facilitator. They are like buying under-priced consulting in the form of a conference.

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.

The Death of Big Conferences?

Why drag yourself out to a bar when you can sit all by yourself at your desk blogging with a Scotch in hand?

Frameworks for panel moderation

As someone who’s moderated a few conference panels in recent months, and is preparing for doing another one in June, I found Guy Kawasaki’s tips on how to be a great moderator quite useful:

Generating Leads from Tradeshow/Conferences

Aaron Ross over at “Building The “Sales Machine” shares some great tips on tradeshow lead generation.

Conferences are About Frameworks and Participation

Jeff Jarvis’ rant the other day about conferences strikes a chord for me as I’m involved in speaking at quite a few during the next few months (see the links in the left-hand column).

Conferences, VCing, Hot Topics This Morning

I start up Memeorandum/Tech and see that VC’ing is causing a lot of conversations to start, so is Jeff Jarvis’ comments about the inadequacies of the conference model

What Conferences Should I Go To Next Year?

As of right now I have three big conferences on my 2006 calendar.

SEO and Search Engine Forums & Conferences: Are They Really Helpful?

Working in the SEO/SEM industry can be very rewarding. Many times a problem can be solved simply with a little online research, and posts on a few forums.

Top 7 Ways You Can Save And Earn Money Using Web Conferences

You know, we are always looking for more effective means of communication. Effective communication results in better results for business, relationships, or teams of any kind, including non-profit organizations.

Blog Business Summit August 17 – 19 San Francisco, CA

The annual Blog Business Summit is scheduled for August 17 – 19 2005 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Blog Conferences

The 2nd Blog Business Summit has been announced – it’s just a few months away in August this year. I followed the last one closely online and would have loved to get to it partly for a number of the sessions which I really enjoyed but mainly because so many bloggers that I enjoy readers were there.

What The Experts Learned At The Search Conferences

To round out our conference coverage I asked several of my conference friends about what they learned. I talked with SEO experts, expo presenters, and Jackie Jahosky, who’s gained fame for her in-session response to Site Match: “I just don’t like it.”

Are Internet Marketing Seminars, Conferences And Workshops Worth The Money?

I just came back from the Internet Marketing Power Workshop and wanted to share the experience with you. Part of the reason I wanted to do this is because I am sure many of you wonder about the real value of all of the workshops, seminars, and conferences you see advertised. I attended as a speaker/instructor, but also because I knew I could, and did, learn a lot from all of the other instructors.

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